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  1. Should I be concerned when I download things using cracked passes? Especially from those sites which use the credit system (like LegalPorno, ClubSeventeen)... Do people get in trouble for that, legally I mean? How about using proxies/VPN, would that protect me in some sort?
  2. I admire Russian & Ukrainian girls so the MetArt Network in general would be the best for me. Obviously MetArt is the mother of them all, but RylskyArt & EternalDesire are also great and each one of them is unique in its own way. After that, the AmourAngels network (ShowyBeauty etc) is close second, very close! That's when talking softcore... As for hardcore, my vote would be for LegalPorno, because they have a lot of Eastern European girls, and this is just not another hardcore site, I mean, the least you can expect is anal!
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