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  1. buckbucknawf


    upload all of the hashes to ghostbin
  2. buckbucknawf

    official NTG is Pleased to Add

    dope shit .. good dudes .. congrats mofos !*!*
  3. buckbucknawf

    official Happy Birthday JULIAN

    Happy G Day, fool!
  4. buckbucknawf

    8 stage config - EA Origin API with capture

    Sentry can do 3 IA's
  5. buckbucknawf

    Help with adding capture

    got it .. do you have an acc with a active "package"?
  6. buckbucknawf

    Config Capture Help

    upload the ini file
  7. buckbucknawf

    how to add 421 empty html source as a failure key

    when you go to add the key .. check the "Require empty body" box
  8. buckbucknawf

    encrypted doubt

  9. buckbucknawf

    Sentry won't load paid proxies.

    You will have to load a new sentry that has not been fucked by using the "remove dupes" option Make sure the Sentry you try hasn't been used before and then re-archived .. you need a fresh copy
  10. buckbucknawf

    Sentry how to skip popup

    Try adding the cookie value manually
  11. buckbucknawf

    what is and how to use sentry combo filter?

    yea, it won't use the combo if it doesn't meet "your" requirements
  12. buckbucknawf

    How to parse code from this string?

    Recursive Left: Status</label>\n*<p> Right: </p>