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  1. NTG stamp

    Nice, looks professional I vote for change present logo for this
  2. The section public is here: https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/forum/404-archived-reports/ Thanks @FuTOM, you can close and move this topic
  3. CREO QUE COMPRENDO ahroa .. Voy A Intentar POR AAQUI .. DESPUES LO BORRAS Si Quieres .. 

    1. Link111
    2. bernis


      aprobecho pa preguntar sera que es permitido otro idioma en mensajes de perfil de un user?

    3. Link111


      Eso, no sé xD pero supongo que dentro de tu perfil no hay problema, siempre que no se abuse... ya que estos mensajes son públicos.

  4. Gay

    1. bernis



  5. My Search Tags Are Not Working

    When you are searching a tag, what error say? Capture it.
  6. My Search Tags Are Not Working

    Anyway It working for me too...
  7. My Search Tags Are Not Working

    Who the fuck put "Country" in a tag? I guess he put a different word and it shows "Country"... I GUESS.
  8. Allow to use protonmail

    Summary of topic:
  9. Allow to use protonmail

    In my opinion, a cracking site should be allowed anon email at least the most popular like protonmail or tutanota.
  10. Happy New Year --- "I can already see people asking me what is a high level private ban report and what is low level public ban report." Maybe i have explained wrong.. the point 1 (private) and point 2 (public) are connected (not always). e.g 1 (medium/high rank): Someone with rank RR with nickname "gaylord", is leeching since 3 days and share our material to another forum and Staff detected this, so start point 1 (private): Title post: [Under inves.] gaylord Text Box: User gaylord is leeching shit from RR section (URL's that is leeching/captures) and sharing to another forums with different nickname... (URL's from the another forum/captures) //So the Staff check this with this proofs and if is legit, so BANNED (Close post). Start point 2 (public): Title post: [Banned] gaylord Text Box: User gaylord was banned for leeching shit from RR section and share to anothers forums. (Close this post after 1 week auto). //Same for Promotion and Demotion start always point 1, ends point 2. This should be in a different sub-section. ---- e.g 2 (low rank): Someone new (rank member) with nickname "fhgfsdfgf", is spamming in all post, capture: thankssssssssss, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, etc. //In this case, not necessary open a investigation... is clarely a spammer... go to point 2 (public): Title post: [Banned] fhgfsdfgf Text Box: User fhgfsdfgf was banned for spamming/leecher in all post. (Capture of the spam). //This also works for multi-accounts. ---- Sure, I'm with you. But in this case... you can be transparent and put secure your work. I was working with this system and the people was happy. It's your call... PD: I wrote too much now my head hurts
  11. I just see that the section of Ban Reports/Promotion or Demotion has been put public. In my opinion this is good, BUT I will change a few things: I will avoid to show all the investigation about this user, because that can help to possible future leechers to avoid your system of investigation. What I mean is when I was Admin in another kind of forum we got 2 sections about this: 1. Private section about Bans/Promotion or Demotion and only admin and high rank can read and post: Title: [Under investigation] / [Possible demotion] / [Possible promotion] User Nickname Text Box: User Nickname with Full investigation about this user with proofs. 2. Public section about Bans/Promotion or Demotion have access everyone, low ranks can only read / medium ranks and high ranks can post (like 1 week, after that time closed): Title: [Banned] / [Demoted] / [Promoted] User Nickname //(like you did) Text Box: User Nickname was / banned for (and the reason without put proofs). User Nickname was / demoted or promoted for (and the reason with proofs). So, when the investigation is closed in point 1. Create a new topic in public section according the format point 2: https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/forum/401-ban-reportspromotion-or-demotion/ I hope I had helped... PD: :Happy new Year: (anticipated) - Link111