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  1. Link111

    NTG stamp

    Nice, looks professional I vote for change present logo for this
  2. For Windows the best ever MPC-HC x64, if you don't use Windows VLC.
  3. Nice profile :cool:

    1. Bonez


      Thank you Private link111!

  4. Sections have been made for something, use them...
  5. @FuTOM I like what you did is better than before, but no in the part of colors... in my opinion. Btw now looks better the underline color is good PD: If someone wanna hide the SB title you can with plugin ADP, add this filter:
  6. In my opinion before to change something we need to know the opinion of NTG community about that...
  7. Like I said is my style if not like, ok.
  8. I don't care I have hide the SB title, but another persons said to me another style... if you pass your mouse you will know it is a link (mouse cursor change)... anyway It's just a proposal...
  9. Not the background, is the text color... too much colors in a title...
  10. I did because the colors in SB title hurts the eyes... I did my style: Better or worse?
  11. I just noticed that according the upgrade of rules Red Rope Account Zone sub-furums need be update to "Maximum of 10 Threads For 24 hours". @Nazgul Config RR already updated to 5.
  12. Thank you @Bonez , always appreciate your suggestion