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  1. Hi Bro, I wanted to generate email/pass combo for NBA league pass but I dont know how to do it. Is there any tool you use for generating combo list? Ive seen SQLi dumper from google/youtube but dont know what configurations to put just for the nba league pass. Thanks. Hope you can help!

  2. Combo Type: user:pass Proxy: proxyless Bots: 5 Proof: http://prnt.sc/cyxe4z valid account posted in premium forum
  3. There's a new site out that is ran by the owner of guron18.ru, which no longer works/exists. Hope you guys enjoy
  4. http://prnt.sc/by2huq been dumping for almost 8.5 days now. still have a little ways to go.

  5. have you cracked any niteflirt.com accounts for me yet dude as i am still waiting

    1. electrohead


      no. i don't mess with sites that require proxies

    2. alexhob123
  6. Virus Scan: https://virustotal.com/en/file/a160b4959f48ae4a768f83d726624651ed474a89d7e7730f753451ee5f90c2dd/analysis/1468236074/ (false positives) To use... > Pause or exit your Anti virus. > Click on SandboxieInstall-510-RC.exe > Install or upgrade > Very important, when you click on install, it will start installing, then it will shows installing driver page, DONT CLICK ON NEXT Leave as it is. > Go to Patch folder and choose x86 or x64 (depends on your system) and copy SbieDrv.sys and past it where you instàlled the app. > Go back to the installation page and finish up. And keep sandboxie open. > Open keygen_by_uuk_mod.exe from Patch older (Open as an admin) > Click on SET and make sure the installation path is correct. usually leaving as is works BUT if you changed the installation path then you have change accordingly, EX: for me its F:\APPS\ProgramFiles\Sandboxie > Now click on GET next to the Syscode section, And copy the code that shows up, it will be like this System Code 6C5EDF6F7E535990 > Now click on Activate, and just pate the code you just copied and hit ok. It should say something about successfully activating.... Done.
  7. Hi bro,

    If ever you have sentry.mba invite, please hook me up



  8. thank you for the upload
  9. Category: Subscription based Combo: email Proxy: No, but use a VPN for your protection Bots: 5-10 Additional Info: Premium (subscription paid) accounts go to "Hits" , the free accounts go to "To Check" Proof: http://prnt.sc/b8rpwz
  10. thank you for this. still want to explore the options with dumper
  11. Proof: http://prntscr.com/alfsz8