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  1. Good job bro! We can always count on u
  2. Thanks! I guess I can do some tests in my virtual box with windows 10 and see if I encounter this error.
  3. I have heard of this problem before from another member using Windows 10 but it's very rare. What version of Windows 10 do you use?
  4. I made this special tool after I received a request from my friend @Nazgul that he needed a tool that can keep only High Quality combos. Many sites forces users to signup with strong passwords on many XXX and Subscription sites nowadays. What this tool does is to filter out all the useless combos from your list(s) and keep only the combos were the password contain both letters and numbers. This tool can also check for a specific length that you desire your combo lines to have. For example if you select 16 characters it will remove all lines which are less than 16 characters and keep the rest. I am open to suggestions if you have any idea how to improve this tool, thanks! Here are some videos showing how to use the tool: Part1: https://imgur.com/a/uXcql9m Part2: https://imgur.com/a/zBXXtUm Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file-analysis/NmY4MzA1ZTA1NzlhMmNmN2RlNjhjMGZkMjFkYjcyYWI6MTUzMjQ2OTAxOA== Download:
  5. Do you get some kind of error? This may be a Windows 10 specific error for a certain version, but hard to tell given the amount of info I've received so far. Hope we can get it working for you bro!
  6. Thanks, Updated with 2 new DL-links!
  7. @Zezima @BaBaBlAcK Added 2 new DL-links!
  8. Alright, Thanks @Zezima! I Will update it once on my computer.
  9. Download Link has been updated now, thanks guys!
  10. Download Link has been updated now, thanks guys!
  11. Ok, can you show me a detailed screenshot of the error you get from the program when u try to start it, maybe I can fix this is If I get the full error code.
  12. Install .NET framework 4.5: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653
  13. Ok I see. Can u send me the full error message u get when u launch? Also can u tell me what edition of Windows u have and what version of .net framework u have?
  14. Okey, so did get this error before I updated the tool or after?