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  1. MASGIK An remove the folders an hide from pogo is the only way i seen mentioned on the reddit spoofer group me im unrooted with fgl an downgraded play services to the 85 one an fgl cloned to hide the app working fine
  2. 99999999999999999999999 have had one since it got release wife has the 8 an i have a 7 as well that i still use the wife was an ifag user now rathers teh droid


    the irony in this thread
  4. dose anyone still play pokemon go ?
  5. for ? race, drift ? or to be a faggot ?
  6. when reading the topic i read i'mafag or iknowhowtouseabigpersonsphone
  7. bjj or sambo or mu thai cant think of the Filipino one off hand but the hand work in that looks promising for speed krav is ok i guess but then put it against silet or that korean mil one or even the viet con version of judo i watched a 50+ year old viet guy wipe the floor with two 160kg Samoans at work i did kempo for a couple of years an its rubbish plus the fact i worked with a guy that fights in the ufc an another that is in the top 5 for bjj for asia pacific that calls all ufc fighters kfc fighters wont drop names but his instructor worked with hunt even though hunt fucked up in his last two fights after training with aus elite team lol but really it depends on you. are you active/thinker/big/small/light/heavy ?


    you mean nightmare o_0 lmao asian females are bossy as fuck


    lol why is gabe in noob group without gabe back in the day this site wouldn't be sfa srssl now its full of faggots deep throating cocks gagging for air i get married this month an have a lil one on the way, j your prolly still looking for a gf an older then me with no kids let that sink in.