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  1. OralQueens Category: XXX Combo: User Proxy: No Bots: 10 MAXIMUM! Additional Info: OralQueens config. Works VERY FAST so please use 10 bots only. Any hit you get should work, don't think it needs any capture. Please leave PROPZ if you want me to keep sharing my configs. AND YES, it's normal for each non-working attempt on sentry MBA to say "Last Status: 401 Unauthorized" Proof:
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    sentry mba

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  4. Skill-Capped (LoL) Category: Subscription Combo: E-mail Combo Proxy: No Bots: 8 MAXIMUM! Additional Info: Skill-Capped config made by me, the version I posted a while ago stopped working so this is the new updated version. Works VERY FAST without proxies so please use only 8 bots maximum! Captures if it's a paid or free user. Make sure you leave PROPZ if you want me to post more configs! Proof: