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  1. @Bonez this man has worked tirelessly along with few others to bring us back. I freaking love you dude.
  2. @fbbo another link down
  3. @fbbo link reported dead
  4. thanks

    Dead Accounts

  5. @hruday87 Fix link
  6. any other investments we can do now @julian? I regret not investing in litecoin or eth
  7. i see you play Runescape xD .. zezima is back :P

    1. Zezima


      yea i used to play a lot. But its been 2 years

    2. -uMu-


      im playing right now !! :)

  8. @varuders looks like link needs to be fixed
  9. Zezima

    Julian in my library

    Was walking by magazine section and this caught my eye. @monk They painted you really well
  10. @monk is etherium the one you invested in? I/m kind of interested in investing in some things
  11. Im keeping a close eye on you. You don't need that many vpns in a day. i know you have other vip accs on other cracking sites as well doing the same thing.

    1. hiima_3


      dont worry i am not sharing any account or config to any person

      and its not a problem to have many vip acc, and i am not breaking any rules 

      you have the right to keep close eyes. but i have no problem with that.

      thanks for your message

  12. Zezima

    Hey there

    Hello and welcome to the forums. Get familiarized with the rules enjoy.
  13. Nice man! @judopudo1 weren't you going to update the rules section or did you already do that? Using this could help navigate