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  1. We would like to honor these amazing staff and member for the past month that helps keep NTG going by their great work. Our Member of the Month for September is @_Cabal_! Congratulations. Our Staff of the Month is: @JunooN! Congrats Now for the staff of the month: Mod of the month: @HumaN SMOD/Sherlock of the month: @Zezima Admin of the month: @JunooN Contributor of the month: @miotuo Config Masta of the month: @Vero I congratulate all the group winners, each of you did an excellent job in September!
  2. I think if he wrote all this out and mentioned everyone it is because he won't be coming back anytime soon even though I wish you didn't leave. Thanks for all the OTM things you did and many other good thing you helped out with in forum.
  3. thanks

    Dead Accounts

  4. any other investments we can do now @julian? I regret not investing in litecoin or eth
  5. i see you play Runescape xD .. zezima is back :P

    1. Zezima


      yea i used to play a lot. But its been 2 years

    2. -uMu-


      im playing right now !! :)

  6. @varuders looks like link needs to be fixed
  7. Zezima

    Julian in my library

    Was walking by magazine section and this caught my eye. @monk They painted you really well
  8. @monk is etherium the one you invested in? I/m kind of interested in investing in some things
  9. Im keeping a close eye on you. You don't need that many vpns in a day. i know you have other vip accs on other cracking sites as well doing the same thing.

    1. hiima_3


      dont worry i am not sharing any account or config to any person

      and its not a problem to have many vip acc, and i am not breaking any rules 

      you have the right to keep close eyes. but i have no problem with that.

      thanks for your message

  10. Nice man! @judopudo1 weren't you going to update the rules section or did you already do that? Using this could help navigate