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  1. This build mainly adds sources to pull configs from an external API and fixes the CF bypass. Plus a shitload of other fixes!
  2. I know how to make the basic config for sentry, I know a few variables but I would like to expand my knowledge, I would be available to collaborate and expand my knowledge
  3. if I become a contributor I can immediately start working for NTG, whatever you ask to do I do if I have the good tools and config, as I said before I want to expand my knowledge on cracking, but for now I only know sentry and I want to learn to add the "variables" and I would also like to learn with other tools after doing the config.I like cracking all along.
  4. In the past I was a cracker for a forum when there was still http and tools like APEX but also sentry that still works but now with https things have changed a bit and new tools are born. I still hear sentry but I would like to expand my knowledge with the addition of "variables". I have a private server and time available to work with you, but I ask only a little collaboration with other crackers. If you want, I'm at your disposal.