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  1. nice share, mine just died , THANKS !!
  2. Hello! I am still using a cracked Windows 8 version. But in the last time i assume everytime there is an update i have to re activate/ crack it with "windowns toolkit" which is getting annoying. Anyway i plan to upgrate to Windows 10 professional or enterprise and want to get a legit key for it so i do not have to crack it. So my question is where to best get a free or cheap legit and vali windows 10 key ? Besst dont want to spend Money when possible, Billy got enough i assume ^^
  3. Thanks for sharing, mine just died
  4. Thanks ! Never used this tool. lets see if i can figure out how to use it !
  5. Thanks mate! Me have a little free time bevore next hospital stay and like to start cracking again!
  6. Thanks Mate! After i wrote this original post i got locked out of NTG AGAIN for a couple of month ^^ because of lost email acces and change password mandatory , but it was absolutly my fault that i lost acces to the email i registered with! So im happy to be back back again ^^ And i am finaly decided to get into shady bastard and i can only recommend everyone too get SB or RR to t It is absolutely worth it! HAVE FUN!
  7. Nice config ! Thank you very much, now try to find some hits i can share with NTG !