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  1. should be mandatory to respond to PMs also
  2. smart decision. the free section gets populated very fast because like you said, everyone wants fake internet points sadly those accounts also die as fast.
  3. hahahha thanks man tho that has scarred me
  4. thanks man! how come you aren't in OG?? @julian
  5. @Gramps I know this must be killing you on the inside lmaooo, hope all is well with you and the fam!
  6. thanks man i was first sherlock ever
  7. one of Nethingoez finest---->MAKAneto!
  8. thank you all thank you all very much!
  9. appreciate it so much. NTG is and always be home.
  10. ramly

    OG Status

    hello faglian. i was jus saying not whining.
  11. ramly

    OG Status

    good shit! who changed our color tho. that was the OG color for us
  12. thanks for the tutorial!