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  1. sentry mba lynda.com + capture

    Thanks for share just ran out of accounts edit: @HamptonBrandon This config is not working for me proxyless and also tried with paid proxies :(. Do we need any specific country IP for proxyless? i tried with Netherlands / France.
  2. thanks for sharing this config man!
  3. sentry mba proxyless IMVU | Proxyless | Capture

    Thanks for share edit: config not working for me.
  4. Thanks for sharing my man
  5. Thank you for sharing mate, will try this one
  6. sentry mba uptobox.com

    I want to check this config, lets see if it still working thanks for share
  7. sentry mba Scribd.com

    Thank you for this config i need more accounts for it edit @Angelo23 im getting this problem with your config:
  8. x2 | Saavn | type: pro

    Please try correctly you are probably adding the capture in the email:pass (i deleted capture text from the info try again please..) Both account working perfect tried both again just now.
  9. @mohin thanks for this config, I just ran out of accounts edit: 3 December 2017 this config is working perfectly!