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  1. This is a online converter that is very easy to use however not all bbc cfg's would be able to convert due to cfg master's previously whitelisted customers when cfg's being sold, in a nut shell cfg was locked to specific user. Thank to the dev @Ruri who made it possible for person's who didn't get opportunity to convert from bbc to loli.
  2. I updated file some time,awhile ago buddy.
  3. Virus Scan: How to convert from loliX to loli for those who don't know >
  4. Person's that have issue using different compiled OB with some cfg posted, here is the solution. All you need to do is change the post data info from ( <USERNAME> <PASSWORD> ) to ( <USER> <PASS> ). Basically you justing editing cfg to work with your version of OB however this info is posted to help anyone having issue running cfg not to criticize anyone work regarding there compile. 1. 2.
  5. 1. 2. Click </> SWITCH TO LOLISCRIPT then [ COPY text ( Ctrl C ) ] & [ PASTE text ( Ctrl V ) ] 3. Click SWITCH TO STACK VIEW then Save.
  6. Updated link @everyone April fools joke is over.......
  7. Enjoy !!!!!!! OpenBullet 1.1.4 (Official) Latest Release of OpenBullet here: Scan: IMPORTANT! Download the latest OpenBullet .zip, change the Environment.ini file included in the .zip archive, settings folder. The default in is one that is not good for cracking! You will need to replace it with this file instead: Official Enviroment .ini file: Modified Enviroment .ini file:
  8. @xcyclonix check to see if host file blocking captcha services bro. C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts.
  9. CONFIG INFO: Category: ( Proxy Checker ) Combo: Proxies Proxy: No, Proxyless Bots: 3-5 Capture: Proxy,Port & Status Additional Info: Hit proxies Online only
  10. @malorgio why you guys posting same cfg over & over, just editing it, saying new netflix cfg. There probably over 10 cfg on this forum with this same url saying new shit but its not.
  11. Can anyone here share some private proxies with me please, probably just a day needed.
  12. RapidIPTV [ x13 Active Mac Address ] You will need to use STB Emulator for this service.
  13. Great improvement by HNB, Extract DLL rar file in the Let'sbruteit folder & you are all set.