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  1. RiKiN

    Missed NTG

    Welcome back
  2. Television x please? Thank you


  3. RiKiN

    Leave me the fuck alone.

  4. RiKiN

    Leave me the fuck alone.

    Well why don't you remind us of those moments? And why you gotta let your steam out HERE?  > The site is called NETHINGOEZ, technically by this meaning there should be no rules Im here to make my own and break them. But 90% of the time i get along fine nobody has a problem with me except staff. Like i said now whenever i see someone not following and you guys do nothing i will make a topic for every moment.
  5. RiKiN

    Leave me the fuck alone.

    @Guru i just farted and it smells like you.
  6. Enjoy again, remember to say thank you and push the thanks button!
  7. RiKiN

    Leave me the fuck alone.

    I am trying to do more for the community here in the background but nobody is appreciating it. I know im a lazy cunt, age has caught up with me but please bare with me, ive had my moments in the past 10 years or whatever ive been here. All you guys seem to remember is when i joke around for two minutes and ban me like mofos. Stop fucking banning me im letting off steam from work for 2mins. Most of the day im being helpful and nice. Other members request and abuse each other ive seen it in the cbox even lord @julian does it but everybody out to get me thx. Remember my helpful moments stop bloody remembering my blowing off steam moments. Thanks fuckers xoxoxo
  8. Enjoy again, remember to say thank you and push the thanks button!
  9. No problem your welcome remember to thanks
  10. <= 1.Extremly active 2. Already had access to your source/db 3.First two
  11. A mix of loads of valids/registered users
  12. RiKiN x1 [ Dollars Included ]

    Let me see thanks mate