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  1. Thank you for doing that Don @Bonez. As for you @Antonyalikhan, don't mess it up this time!
  2. I completely agree on the fact that everyone should without any doubt respect the rules and guidelines of the forum. Though I also believe in second chances, so if he's willing to change and comply with the forum's rules then I see no problem as to why he shouldn't be given a second chance. That's the main reason why I suggested that he should be put in a trial basis as to determine his goals.
  3. @Bonez, I've seen his work before and I can say that he's quite talented as he makes good configs, some of them can be listed as "intermediate" in terms of difficulty. What bothers me the most in this case is not the skill but rather the commitment to the daily tasks and contribution. What I can suggeIst is that we put him under trial for a period of time and if he proves his willingness to make to the team then he can have the position. That is my verdict and I trust your last call.
  4. Hello future Config Masters, I'm pleased to be having your future applications. Being a Config Master doesn't require to be perfectly skilled in every area of cracking to make it to the team, it requires passion, determination, and willingness to to develop yourself on a daily basis. Bear in mind that each and every single one of us started from the bottom at some time. and best of luck for the rest of the process.
  5. Cuz you didn't fucking cook it
  6. Category: Mapping service for hiking/biking/tripping Combo: Email Combo Proxy: Proxyless Bots: 5 Proof:
  7. Category: Personal training service Combo: Email Combo Proxy: Proxyless Bots: 5 Proof:
  8. Mafiossos

    slingtv x1

    I'll take that one for a purpose making
  9. I'll take this one for config making purposes! Thank you.
  10. Category: French education service Combo: Email Combo Proxy: Proxyless Bots: 10 Additional Info: To guarantee a higher percentage of getting hits, preferably use French combo lists. Proof:
  11. Combo: Normal Combo Proxy: Yes (Use SSL proxies) Bots: 20 Proof:
  12. gotta make a config for this one! Thank you.
  13. Category: Music streaming service Combo: Email Combo Proxy: Proxyless Bots: 5 Proof:
  14. Category: VPN servive Combo: Email Combo Proxy: Proxyless Bots: 5 Additional Info: Thanks to @goodman for providing the account I used to make the config! Proof: