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  1. I think its because the server didn't sync everything when it went down. That's why i lost posts and threads.
  2. BNB is the only coin so far that hasn't lost it's value from the 2018 crash and is still gaining price in this Bear Market while other alts are bleeding over and over. If you want to earn profit then yes BNB is the way to go. By the end of 2018, BNB will reach 400k satoshi at the very least if Bear Market continues. as of now, it is at 240k satoshi.
  3. sold BNB last night. Their event is over and now coin will bleed to 220k satoshi at least. If Bitcoin continues to recover then expect Vechain to hit 55k satoshi once again right before the mainnet. it's at 48k satoshi as we speak. This shitcoin better live up.
  4. Lol, my posts on this shitcoins updates have been removed? anyways, It reached 55k Satoshi before it started shitting itself right to the point of no return thanks to the BTC sell off. Mainnet is close and it's still not recovering. it's done and dusted. Forget it guys. I just sold and went all in into BNB, it's the only coin that is stable throughout this mess.
  5. That is time consuming & usually results in more losses than profits. Crypto is about fast money not slow gains tbh, if anyone wanted to earn slow profits then they could have entered the stock market. Pump & Dump and Signal groups are very legit, they help alot. I have personally researched about Vechain and found it to be a good coin but so far it has given me minimal profit, I have earned more hopping from coin to coin when i was in a signals group(they shut down now tho because of the bear market) No hate buddy. just speaking the truth.
  6. I am literally an idiot when it comes to coding but i wish to learn so i decided to go on codeacademy to learn? is it any good or should i go for the paid course in real life to learn? I really need help coding tbh tagging @julian since he is the owner of a website cracking forum which imo is advanced level. please guide me julian, i really want to learn.
  7. please work i really need a ccount edit: that is activation code... not account...
  8. i love you brah thanks for the toss, will update if it works or not. they work
  9. in to test if it works edit: it worked at first and now it doesnt
  10. They're launching their mainnet on june 30th which will make the price skyrocket leading up to it(every coin that launches mainnet starts skyrocketing, example are XVG, TRX etc) buy ins will begin mid or late may so its best to get in now and hold for the time being. sell right before june 30th because of "buy the rumour sell the news" its the most easiest way to profit in this bear market. if you hold after june 30th then you will be burned.
  11. thanks for being genrous enough to share freely
  12. you should add an example lol as to what a good reply is so that members can get an idea of what type of post to make
  13. curious to see what it does so in.gif EDIT: first account works but the 2nd one doesn't . EDIT: @masta666 what does one even do with the credits? buy movies? because apparently i have to relogin on the dvd section and then both the accounts dont work EDIT: nvm figured it out @masta666
  14. can you fix the chatbox since you're an admin?
  15. whats up with the chatbox? is it down for everyone or only me?