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  1. i hope u work at least
  2. testing to see if it works EDIT: that account is banned.
  3. testing to confirm waht u say. EDIT: he is right, the porn account is banned.
  4. thanks i hope they work i will update this post EDIT: tried one in the middle and it worked. rest is up to you guys to test
  5. alucard does it again !!! wooo best tosser
  6. in to see if it works or not
  7. Chinkscamcoin stay away from anything that emerges from chinks tbh. They're all vaporwave.
  8. Update thanks to the recent BTC dump this coin is now 8 satoshi. IT WILL go back up to 11 satoshi. This is easy money, invest only a little for a test run if you've still got cold feet.
  9. This is your next ETH. it is only 10 satoshi atm. recently Binance decided to add it to their exchange and it pumped 60% + in a day. This coin will go 10x by EOY. ^ education.
  10. Binance upgraded and now require a picture of us holding the ID card/passport to verify now to be able to withdraw more then 2btc per day. This just puts me off. this was also one of the key reasons why i never joined any other exchanges, the picture with an ID/Passport just seems unsafe.
  11. Yes 1 month in crypto Bull market is equivalent to an year in the normie stock exchange. During the 2017 bullrun, thousands of people became millionaires just for being early adopters. just research and hold the right coins, imo BNB is the one that will never die out. It has been rising non stop last year and this year(many coins this year got fucked in the arse but BNB just keeps on rising and when it falls, it just falls a tiny percent compared to all the other shitcoins in the market)