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  1. I don't fuckin understand how come other site (our opponent cracking site) stayed alive all the time. Is there any protection they use which called missile proof?..... who is our enemy?.. why we are not fucking them up?. why?.. why? why?
  2. What a awesome share my man, I was looking for this, the dev said there will be open source version of this. Many thanks.
  3. Expires: May 05, 2018 Auto Renewal: No
  4. Captured Keys: <------------> Site #1: Amber Leigh Expire Date #1: 05\/05\/18 Price #1: $13.50 Site #2: Monte Luxe Expire Date #2: 05\/12\/18 Price #2: $10.00 Site #3: Auguste Rose ? Expire Date #3: 05\/13\/18 Price #3: $15.00 Site #4: Elleknox Expire Date #4: 05\/01\/18 Price #4: $15.00 Site #5: Avalon Expire Date #5: 05\/10\/18 Price #5: $12.99 <------------> Cookies Received: None
  5. Freshly cracked with some kinda new cracker for testing purpose of-course The program work's great btw Happy cracking all
  6. Thanks man!


    1. car00t


      For what?

  7. CONFIG INFO Category: Filehosting Combo: Email Combo. Proxy: Yes Bots Recommended: 30-50 (test proxy against site for best result) Download fjproxy tester HERE Additional Info: Capture Expire Date, Traffic. Proof: Config:
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  11. need this shit for my office computer my mega sync sucks thanks karl for sharing this i can't take any risk to download from any unknown source