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  1. It will be a miracle if still works Thanks!
  2. I Always wonder why people change the site password? are so stupid to understand changing password requires email approval? And the latter ones (email) can find no where. Only the original registered-paid can and should do it. Thinking to eat the fish alone is just idiot and selfish! Don't be stupid to change password anywhere... Get as much as you can and hit thank you "Upvote" button to the acc giving. Thanks!
  3. MPC-HC on Windows | mpv on Linux.
  4. Tokia

    Best browser

    Chrome on Windows, Pale Moon on Linux.
  5. Forums and BBoard are better, i used to chat with mIRC back in late 90's where privacy were still important. Then these social networks came and many ate that fish. No i don't use any Social Network at all. I am all way for Forums and IRC for tech stuff!
  6. Thank You Very Very much! Hope FJ works because i am on hunt only for that. No Luck with FJ I give up in hope for any other link generator. FJ is impossible with Zevera. Appreciate your post! Thanks!
  7. Thank you very much! Edit: got this info: Your e-mail address is already there.... In Czech Perhaps is down, changed or limited... Thanks!
  8. Thank you for sharing this other mohamed_b11117. I only interest to File Joker, but it's getting stuck even by seeing that the host is with green status on zevera. Please can you check this FileJoker if works on your side? C37D59 Thank you for sharing mate!