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  1. kuldeepc44

    spotify Family

  2. kuldeepc44

    Sentry how to skip popup

    @DJsangour just add the cookies you get on login page , it will bypass the page where you have to accept something ...
  3. kuldeepc44

    Sentry MBA Build Introduction

    really want to ready it , lets see what is inside
  4. kuldeepc44

    Sentry config

    lol petro canada i made tool in past for this
  5. kuldeepc44

    Help with adding keys

  6. kuldeepc44

    Help with adding keys

    it is easy if you give it a try
  7. kuldeepc44

    Help with adding keys

    @Pain Aceess Token was in Header Cookie for That account page.. so all good now
  8. kuldeepc44

    sentry mba proxyless | API

    this is the one i was looking for hope get a good hit
  9. kuldeepc44

    How to parse code from this string?

    left string <div class="form-group">\n <label>Status</label\n <p> right </p>
  10. kuldeepc44

    Julians List..Read Description

    i would see it
  11. kuldeepc44

    Julians List..Read Description

    i would see it
  12. kuldeepc44

    Dat Bling in the Group Legend

    yeah I love it little shiny things
  13. kuldeepc44

    Custom HTTP Header - Content-Type

    add it via variable make a constant variable in login stage , and use it in header also if you wanna use liek 3-4 lines you can go like this for example i wanna add these 4 lines in header so you need to do add this \n means new line it easy when you know it but when you do not know its hard =====so i can add it like this ====== it easy when \n you know it \n but when you do \n not know its hard \n it is a constant make a varibale using this cosntant use it is in header and done it iwll post every line in new line
  14. kuldeepc44

    failure key on Empty HTML Source ?

    a lot of people have this problem , but solution is really easy , I am in good mood so let me explain a lil bit hope you knows a lil about sentry lets start e == let say you are on login page and you make a post request on valid accoutn you get a key can be header or can be soruce key , but on failure you are not getting any source then you shud use a redirection url and redirciton key , you can use a key that is found in both case when you hit site with valid or invalid account like header key http 1.1 okay , or you can put as many as key you want to redirect , but now redirect to your sentry to so in success account you will see logout in source but when it gonna be a invalid account you gonna have still login key in source done
  15. kuldeepc44

    Newbie....I Need Help

    or youtube it how to use vertex by kuldeepc44