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  1. NTG I Need Your Help Again

    http://prntscr.com/it1nvz @Gramps
  2. Sentry config

    lol petro canada i made tool in past for this
  3. Help with adding keys

  4. Help with adding keys

    it is easy if you give it a try
  5. Help with adding keys

    @Pain Aceess Token was in Header Cookie for That account page.. so all good now
  6. sentry mba proxyless RocketStreams.tv | API

    this is the one i was looking for hope get a good hit
  7. How to parse code from this string?

    left string <div class="form-group">\n <label>Status</label\n <p> right </p>
  8. Dat Bling in the Group Legend

    yeah I love it little shiny things
  9. Custom HTTP Header - Content-Type

    add it via variable make a constant variable in login stage , and use it in header also if you wanna use liek 3-4 lines you can go like this for example i wanna add these 4 lines in header so you need to do add this \n means new line it easy when you know it but when you do not know its hard =====so i can add it like this ====== it easy when \n you know it \n but when you do \n not know its hard \n it is a constant make a varibale using this cosntant use it is in header and done it iwll post every line in new line
  10. failure key on Empty HTML Source ?

    a lot of people have this problem , but solution is really easy , I am in good mood so let me explain a lil bit hope you knows a lil about sentry lets start e == let say you are on login page www.anythign.com/login and you make a post request on valid accoutn you get a key can be header or can be soruce key , but on failure you are not getting any source then you shud use a redirection url and redirciton key , you can use a key that is found in both case when you hit site with valid or invalid account like header key http 1.1 okay , or you can put as many as key you want to redirect , but now redirect to your sentry to www.anything.com so in success account you will see logout in source but when it gonna be a invalid account you gonna have still login key in source done
  11. Newbie....I Need Help

    or youtube it how to use vertex by kuldeepc44
  12. Newbie....I Need Help

    you are on right forum mate , go to cracking section and cehck out tutorials
  13. Sentry MBA problem ( retries )

    if you are getting a lot of retires it means that you are proxies are not either getting retire keys as mentioned in config or you have really bad proxies or the site you are cracking have good security . also if your all tested going in check as shown in this image . .. there is only one reason that the config you are using is not good , so how to make these config good .. 1st go to to-check and right click on any account you got there ,,, you see a option like open with default text editor then you need to cehck carefully what keys you are getting . also cehck that account on webiste and see if it works or not , if works then add that key as success key if not work sometime that key can be failure key or a ban key as long as you get to-check you need to do the same till you do not have to-cehck left
  14. sentry dont capture keyword

    please share your config and the tell us the thing you wanna capture , lets see what you are doing wrong
  15. anybody knows the answer"?

    make a config easy