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  1. this is interesting let me talk with staff about seeing what we can do @Bonez
  2. Anyone who provides me with bulk as in large quantities of any of the streamate family sites cammodel streamate etc etc I dont need them with credits, they just need to login..... In order to get free RR or SB ..I am not going to give it to anyone that has like 5 or 20 accounts ...Google BULK if you want it, I do too...I just need them to login and click favorite on a model ;-)
  3. Congrats to all ..we have no winners or losers we just have those that went the extra mile last month.
  4. Would any of you pay a regular chick money to see her nude...she is no one special, she is cute, she is trying to build her self esteem up.... Yada yada
  5. yeah bud, you can find her on pornhub n shit like that NTG is coming up with a different format
  6. just a lil sumin sumin
  7. bawz

    We Need your Help

    These tools will be for members so its going to be member supported - we thank you for your response but members are the ones who keep this shop open and if they want these items. It's up to them
  8. NTG has two (2) huge projects in the works, this will greatly benefit you as a member... I will give you a clue - 1 item is being coded by Buddah, anyone who knows Buddah knows that he is probably the greatest coder ever and this tool is a cracking item...the other you will have to wait and see, in order for us to get this going, we need memberships in order to pay for the resources. RR purchases to be made thru @Bonez SB offers to be made thru me via pm @bawz You will greatly benefit from these items and Buddah has never ever shied away from giving those who helped him with creative support a name on his tools.... I guess the wait is on..
  9. Hello.

    I don't know if you remember me i was member from 2014 almost always redrope and then shady bastard

    As i said many times i had health problems and drug addiction problems

    Now i am good and ready to come back at my lovely hobby of cracking

    I want 3 months access shady bastard please

    Send me invoice at my paypal:

    Thank you

  10. Got them to say your name...enjoy