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  1. no man, my intent is to waste everyones time and have huge lol of course its real why in the world would anyone wanna pay netshit for anything when i can show you how to get every movie and tv show ever for free
  2. I am only looking for the cam models who say they dont get nude
  3. You must be huge Netflix Fan You must own an android device IE a tablet or whatever, list below You must follow my directions Thanks After your done, you will never want another netflix account again POST BELOW so I can choose
  4. My collection is huge... we have plans for my collection, this is yet to be disclosed
  5. Man, we will try anything to keep members happy.... You can thank @Bonez for this idea. Wee trying our best to take this site up one knotch and if can drop lil favors once in while and side step those selling then were doing something good
  6. Do i qualify for member of the month yet?
  7. this was all totaled 100 bucks lol soooooo fucking worth it