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  1. bawz

    Junoon HOF

    We finally get to retire good ole @JunooN and there is no place better than our coveted Hall of Fame, he has been an ardent supporter of NTG and your friend and my friend for years and this is the best we can do to let him know he is valued greatly. Our Hall of Fame has a very limited amount of members and you need to really earn your way in there. We would never say goodby to him and he will always be here - its a part of his soul in each forum so welcome to the HOF friend..enjoy your stay, kick off your shoes and relax to some music.
  2. There is a change in the air and drastic. xcyclonix Is now your lead admin @JunooN, @Bonez and myself will be at his decision making corner. On a side note NTG is extremely grateful to @JunooN for his years of servitude, @Bonez and myself both feel he is of value elsewhere on NTG and have moved him without his consent as of yet. I am sure he will give his blessing and his advise to @xcyclonix when possible. This decision was not easy to make and yet it feels like the right decision Thank You
  3. when you english hit me up
  4. I'll let you know when I give a fuck have his threats been private.
  5. @daFaq0.oMeNewb since he wants to exploit our new sponsors Don't you think it would be fair to exploit our fat Serbian piece of shit and post his entire facebook, the places this grease ball likes to eat, his girlfriend, her travels around town fair is fair right?
  6. bawz


    either your friend was spot on or dead wrong welcome home either way
  7. thank you to all its been a trip so far
  8. I have no idea what bonez is leading up to
  9. break this down in to simple english for me please who what and who
  10. thats what i saw 2 years in jail or some shit
  11. Something happened - something bad happened nulled.to and cracked.to are empty any info?
  12. A lot of homework, I dont watch tv or movies since im studying to be a forensic psychologist and can't be influenced by media - I play steam games but not too much to where im addicted
  13. thats about what i imagined