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  1. your sexy, didnt need any just wanted to say thanks
  2. Will be at an all time low for these two days only since we need to get some stuff...message me for any duration over 3 months Prefd: BTC will accept Paypal DONT MISS OUT
  3. congratulations, thanks for making us look good
  4. Edit In the worst case scenario Paypal can and will be accepted -j
  5. let people have an option on home page to choose skin
  6. We are in need of BTC currency and willing to do kick ass deals on on both RR and SB that is over 3 months but they need to be approved by pm to sen to myself or Bonez. Support your site Heres a detailed guide as to what RR and SB are
  7. Going to try something different and in order to produce some of the best results we can, were thinking on providing our staff legitimate tools for cracking...not really a fan of using cracked tools...if you support us by buying RR or SB we can provide more staff with tools needed to provide you the best, already bought snipr for foxmind and would like to provide more. Redrope info here SB info here WE NEED BITCOINS WE CAN WORK OUT DEALS ON ANYTHING PAST 3 MONTHS MEMBERSHIP
  8. If you are a power user and we look at your record on here as an example Of only takes, you will be promptly demoted without warning, this is a 50/50, we don't come to your house and just take everything you have and leave, you do though. @Power User
  9. spam the site again and ill make it hurt
  10. All we ask is a fair portion of shares to takes. Our staff is wonderful but imagine how upset they would be if as soon as they posted an account its gone and not even a thanks.....
  11. Thank you for your shares, as staff we watch over things like this.... your making a good impression
  12. I dont understand your question
  13. I usually would not mass out something retarded like this but I really want your dead streamate accounts, i will pay for some of them Reason: I have a friend who is uber cool who i know in real life and she is a model on there and i have been helping her move up the page to a higher ranking so who wants to hook a brother up
  14. Help Support NTG with either RR or SBƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒ/ We have a lot more in store for you
  15. First of all Im not a chatty kinda guy, so please dont think im in to long talks but if you do need something off the record, skype me live:novicefriend My name should be HappyGoLucky Add me by your site name
  16. i just said if its important, this is not important to me
  17. Then you should take this matter up with me who you never once took the time to message to see what we can work out
  18. You are that rare exception, look at the others...pages and pages of takes, were not a site to leech from, they can go to nulled for that shit... but I do understand what your saying, we will finalize something
  19. shits impossible locked