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  1. welcome bud, do everything but spam or be annoying to staff.....we'd love you for that other than that, just dance
  2. Shits in mint condition and soccer aint my thing, baseball, football and basketball is so I can find a way to give this away on NTG
  3. One of my prized possessions , I can be talked in to giving it away Its a Jersey Card that contains an actual piece of Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe's Jersey numbered to 199 only made
  4. i took the middle one for my siggy bar
  5. julian

    Missing propz

    i had three bazillion and four
  6. Peace to all our Muslim Friends and Family.
  7. julian

    Hi Jay14 Here

    sup bud, welcome aboard
  8. will you be able to provide daily to both RR and SB?
  9. NTG will be releasing a huge majority of our Contributor staff since they are only staff to get staff perks and not follow the guidelines of what they were asked to do If you are a cracker of mass content and willing to post a MAJORITY of your items equally in SB and RR then please apply If you are a config maker, the same applies to you. To the NTG staff we will be releasing, we apologize but you are in a sensational world whos suitability is based on propz count and not site contributions.. Anyone may apply bellow Please state your ranking as novice, to pro this would assist us in finding the designated section for you to help us out in
  10. I have always tried to find every chance to give out free Redrope or Sb Memberships for Leaderboards and today I am removing it, you were given the memberships to promote and post accounts in the necessary areas and you you constantly only post in free section because you are a propz whore...I apologize if you feel robbed, but we do as well since you are not appreciative of any free gifts. Staff will also go ahead and prune any contributor who is exclusively posting in free areas only, we do have a site to run and it has come down to this.