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  1. Please let it be known that any disrespect shown to any admin by any other staff will not be tolerated, this is not contained to NTG alone. This includes any entity/chat forum based related areas where NTG is mentioned, this includes Discord, Messenger services. They did not become Admins to be abused or shown any form of disrespect. If you do have any issues, you can bring them up personally and privately to either myself of Bonez in a private message. To further finalize this, NO Staff is allowed to be harassed, verbally abused..... Thanks...
  2. I win for oldest and welcome aboard
  3. Happpppppppppppppppppppppppy Thanksgiving.... peace and good wishes to you
  4. On behalf of NTG and it's staff, I would like to take the time out to thank all our members and staff for basically "sticking around" now that cracking forum is gone, this makes us the oldest site out there...still hustling and still willing to play the game. We have endured our trials and tribulations and still will do, I assure you there are still some people wanting to see us burn and it's like everyday the site is up and they failed, I get a lil smirk.... It's the constant vigil and upkeep and continuous gifts from our staff that shows the grit we possess and thank you for your financial support thru switching servers and hosts over and over and over to keep us coming back... I thought after 10 years this old man would be tired by now and just want to fade away, you all keep my vested with new tidings daily and this is my own personal thank you to all the staff and members....wanna do 10 more?
  5. You have more than proved yourself trial worth and we welcome you to staff, you made a wonderful @iMPaCt on the site.
  6. Hi big boss , how much  for Shady Bastard ????...old customer must be big discount

  7. Hi julian  how much  for Shady Bastard   ??? ...old customer must be big discount

  8. gonna add you in, thanks for volunteering
  9. Welcome aboard...greets from California
  10. All Fixed Configs will be Re-Branded with the title, and Fixed on ______ By _______
  11. you will need access to edit topics so trial will be good, thank you for volunteering