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  1. shizzle my nizzle I've got the skillz just not the time, I have no problem with exploits, decrypt, brute (toolz a plenty) proxies not many. Been here a while now and mainly just posted up in mondays/wednesdays pornfests as well as hosts and stuff, initially messaged cyberJ to have access to the shady's but then thought about how much life this would suck up. Spent over 25 years in the scene, now semi retired, willing to help out where I can. Have to say pretty impressed with the board and the people in it, not so sure about giving noobs access to such strong content (softs,digits,configs) for donations. Kind of off putting, this is why sites are being killed off, but costs are costs and servers aint cheap. May look into the SEO posting later this week depending on the requirements. Very really do I ask or take anything from here, moreover it is just to keep in contact with friends and to keep up to date with new ideas.
  2. Great share thanks for the effort
  3. Ooh I know of few ideas for these, great share thanx
  4. Likewise thanks for putting in the time and the effort to bring us something to try
  5. I'll post what I can when I can whether it be trans, (shemale shit) gay, straight or if it's warez clean pre-ordered patches can be accommodated.
  6. Curious to see what this site is like before I start posting in here, Thanks for the share bro