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  1. There are crackers using this tool here ( forlax mod ).. but I don't know how dangerous the virus is!
  2. Ruri 1.0.1 clean. But ForlaxMod OpenBullet launcher is infected; https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/502a71c15771d1e0f145e9b904881ad4de36635ac1553b0fe178f59fc6979faa/detection
  3. But they added this to 1.0.1 version ; - Added automatic type recognition when importing Wordlists through drag and drop. interesting !
  4. Are they new or not! Need to check.
  5. I wonder this one.Also you need a capture If cfg pless for 600-1000 trying and had a capture, then it would be good. Edit: Hmm same new url.
  6. https://ulozto.net/login Proxy : No Combo : Normal combo Capture : Yes ( Credit ). Bots : 5 normally ( you can try with more ) Proff : Config :
  7. Thanks Khan bro.I ll try.I never used it.What s differencly than sentry.Example about ssl error.!!! Edit.Do you know.What is these red lines bro!!!My system windows 8.1 pro