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  1. Help Sentry MBA csrfToken PostData

    If refresh data and veriable section do not work, use custom parsing section for data.
  2. Bangbros.com with 83 Subscriptions

    Your cfg must be shows all unneed side sites.So you must use better parsing for capture.
  3. Sentry help (combo )

    If your combos complex with user-pass and email-pass, you can delete user-pass or email-pass combos with Word List Updater tool.This is basic way only.Example for deleting user combos;( If you add "@" on Delete word if pattern found section , you can delete email combos then) I hope , you said this.
  4. Sentry help (combo )

    I dont understand still.Where s your emails? You are showing normal combo.Is your combo triple?
  5. x-art.com ... Sentry MBA Config Problem

    All this type sites use secret captcha.So your normal cfgs can not find an account.Before you must learn this type configs.
  6. Sentry help (combo )

    Why you want splitting, I dont understand exactly!Before you must fix your combo this type with normal notepad. Fred:gave scott:ran bert:gives
  7. newsensations.com config problem

    Bro really I dont understand your english more.Because my english bad too.Please write shortly and with clearly english. I did not said that I know many things!I learned many things from here.So I m glad this forum.Be sure, I ll not share secret things in public.Also in chat too
  8. newsensations.com config problem

    Thank you very much for your thought brothers.But I can not be active members now.Because I m very busy some days with my school.But I ll contribute to forum sometimes.I have no expectation for this.Thanks...
  9. newsensations.com config problem

    https://nethingoez.com/forum/248-configs/ Here..
  10. sentry mba woodmancastingx.com (premium only)

  11. newsensations.com config problem

    Open request for acc or normal cfg.I can help you then if you want.
  12. newsensations.com config problem

    No have in power section.Cfg is in redrope or shady section.I dont remember exactly.If your combos good, you can find accounts with your cfgs.
  13. newsensations.com config problem

    Sorry ..I can't help for anything with pm.So don't send me pm for these type helps.
  14. newsensations.com config problem

    I know.This is not right url for fast way I said for this captcha url only.
  15. newsensations.com config problem

    No need intermedia.Use this link url directly