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  1. www.google.com aint direct link since it's not hyperlink right? or it must be google.com only?
  2. atlast, been visiting the forum everyday. thanks for the patience, staffs. keep rollin
  3. thanks,smod. i guess ill be needing this when I'll resign from my job LOL
  4. sad thing it aint workin mo ms365. but thank you.
  5. I am not into cracking but i crack sometimes. I am more into creating own accounts on premium sites such as Spotify, Netflix, Tidal, Scribd, etc using diff method that some might know. I have a knowledge in cracking , already cracked before but I prefer my own method now than cracking though as cracking takes a lot of time than my alt method, I hope I will be able to contribute.
  6. really now? ill unfollow them if they aint follow me back.LOL.thank u
  7. *Dont forget to leave propz.
  8. wow.nice share.thanks for this mate
  9. really need one right now.thanks.hope some still works
  10. don't forget to upvote if it works for you.