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  1. will respect whatever the decision or rules that needed to apply on us. i just wanted to contribute as well. sometimes I take but i prefer to give. thank you for this opportunity and heads up. NTG always is one of the best user friendly forum.
  2. www.google.com aint direct link since it's not hyperlink right? or it must be google.com only?
  3. thanks,smod. i guess ill be needing this when I'll resign from my job LOL
  4. sad thing it aint workin mo ms365. but thank you.
  5. really now? ill unfollow them if they aint follow me back.LOL.thank u
  6. *Dont forget to leave propz.
  7. don't forget to upvote if it works for you.
  8. nice,pless. thanks for sharing.hope it still works