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  1. Thanks to all the Contributors !!!
  2. Thanks for sharing, appreciate your efforts
  3. @sazkion Welcome to NTG bro
  4. @pornfreak BTC is near saturation, everyone is after it. You can't expect tremendous returns from it if you join the party now ETH has the potential to do well, you need to consider it as a long term investment
  5. Great post bro Thanks for sharing
  6. @Kerodan Thanks for posting this great educational stuff !! Kudos to you, bro To the guys replying here: Its very bad that there are too many takers for this post, but still, no propz. Please take some time to show appreciation to these guys who are so generous & keep sharing their hard-work with us.
  7. @crackme Its ETH bro
  8. @Kerodan Thanks for your kind help, bro !!!
  9. @fblast Thanks for this share, bro !!! Appreciate your efforts