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  1. i would strongly suggest that we don't demote any former staffs from PU to member0.
  2. @ILoveNTG everything can be sorted by explaining your issues. I don't even know the exact reason of your departure. we admins are here to help , so if you can explain us what happened at least .
  3. @fbbo hello mate, can you renew the link please.
  4. @Saurabh welcome to NTG, make sure to read and understand the rules. enjoy your stay
  5. @taigo96 use only English
  6. The code that you've entered is invalid! Error code: 00001/C Icant verify my accaunt

  7. when you last time speak? :straightface:

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    2. cyber_junkie


      i have been chatting with bonez and countaccount on SB earlier

    3. Tito


      cool and we will be happy if we see you more chaty in SB :bonez:

    4. cyber_junkie
  8. I'm red rope but I can not answer
    I see my white nickel
    Until this morning everything works well

    Thanks for your help

    Thanks for your help
    I'm talking about this section of the forum
    Premium Account Tosses

  9. hi r u online i hope i need to discuss something that i have read the message of abusive behaviour which was posted on may 2016 which you have told not to take accounts from ntg and distribute something, so i am having old accounts which is either free or expired,so tell me is it possible to post the accounts i have myself or to update the new one that is working?

  10. Hi, i send a pay for 6 month, can you check this... for upgrade my account??

    1. cyber_junkie


      for RR, u need to contact @monk or @umc

    2. vandroycaba


      Ok thanks bro!!