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  1. @julian@pornfreak@StreetFighter I actually sold off most all my ETH for an altcoin named XVG, a privacy based cryptocurrency alike Monero that is open source, with a new update on the November 6th that will include private/transparent blockchains. All XVG transactions are routed through tor so on a transparent/private blockchain no ips no addresses no transactions will be viewable. I have invested a hefty amount and I'm currently up ~$300, this being even before the release of this new update (which, to my knowledge, no other crypto currency takes advantage of this technology.) It's a good altcoin to look into, given the fact that it is so cheap to jump on and it's promising with an active development team. The community is somewhat toxic but they are definitely one of the strongest in the crypto community, they usually win all the polls on twitter to be added to new exchanges vs other altcoins. Hell, throw in a few bucks to get started and forget about it. In the case that it makes it to a dollar per coin (which is unlikely and a very high value considering the circulating supply, but still probably) you'll make quite a few pretty pennies. Just my 2 cents in an update on my current holdings. Honestly there is only room to make money on bitcoin if you have a huge sum to spend on it and ETH is an alright investment but I don't see the same potential for profit, in my opinion. Every investment is a risk you just have to pick and choose what you believe in.
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