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  2. Friday Ultimate Toss! It's the end of the week & you know what that means! It's Ultimate Toss Day! From Now until 21-07-2019 Please post your accounts here (Porn, File hosts, gaming, anything!). This gives us a chance to show the members what NTG is all about. After 21-07-2019 the Toss will be closed. Every week we find our tosses being leeched. We strive to prevent this as best we can. If we find you leeching our tosses: We will look for you. We will find you. We will BAN you. Please remember to use "HIDE" Tags. Please limit threads to 1. If you need to add more accounts, simply go back & edit your original post. Don't forget to say thanks for the posters efforts, toss them a like.
  3. @Enchantress when you were in staff you mention you are available to do seo work free of cost is that offer still open? btw now even we pay to our new seo manager
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