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  1. HTTP Debugger Pro v9.7 1. install http debugger 2. run http debugger at least once 3. exit program completely 4. use included keygen for activation. Virus Total of the keygen: MULTIPLE MIRRORS (wish more people did the same)
  2. thanks man always appreciate ya
  3. 1 2 [/IMG] 3 [/IMG] 4 5 I have tried this software seems to work ok. use at your own risk. credits to CI VIP
  4. Ok this is a different technique to cracking accounts rather than mass combo checking this is where we seek out a certain site and we seek out a certain username / account. Ok so some things we will use are sift tool (to search through combos) first you unzip sift and you put it into the same directory as your combos. If you don't already, your combo lists should all be in a seperate folder. If not well then it's time to get organized. Put all of your combos in the same folder. Then put the sift.exe and other lic file into the same folder as your combos. Switch to that directory On windows its command prompt cd c:/users/yourname/desktop/combos/ or wherever your combos folder is. ok after you switch to that direcory you use sift like this SO this command will search in our combos folder for any occurance of "username" here results So of course instead of "username" you would be searching for any account you want on any site. I have cracked many sites this way including nethingoez, cracking-italy, imsoldiers, blackhatsem imseo, cboxera, and any other site that lists the usernames of premium accounts. So the more combos you have in your folder the better off you will be. Good luck have a good day cracking shit.
  5. Some tool to crack various sites, always use a sandboxie I know it works cuz I cracked a few sites using it. Is it clean? I don't know you be the judge:
  6. x1 Balance = 8.1025 Here is imagetyperz so you guys can use this with openbullet or whatever you want to use it for. just login and then use api key when you crack those hard to hit sites please return the favor and post em!
  7. email combo proxies i make this with free account so i dont have capture yet but free go to custom and hits are hits