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  1. bro i hope this is the clean one. i just wiped my computer and im still gonna run it in a sandbox but thanks man
  2. Here is a config I made for the host where you can get offshore hosting etc Email Combos Proxyless Or with Proxies 2 bots Proxyless 50 with proxies
  3. Not my config. Tested 4/12/2019 WORKING Email:Password combos 100 Bots or less Proxies required Captures Reward Level Rank
  4. cna you let us know which version is dirty? or was it all the versions posted?
  5. Just a trick to show you guys how to get combos a different way. You can get many fresh combo lists shared by many cracking forums etc.
  6. Ok this is an email cracker that I found on another site. FIgured some of you might be interested, because it works. The picture above were hits I got loading some random ass email combo and just clicking start. I know some of you are going to hate this BUT This program should only be ran inside a vmware i repeat, this software should only get ran from a virtual machine. In case you guys weren't paying attention, ALWAYS RUN THIS IN A VM. I'm really not just saying this^ to be a dickhead, just trying to help you out. The good news is it works, it cracks email accounts. Anyway that's all I'm gonna say about it. VY
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