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  1. Ok this is an email cracker that I found on another site. FIgured some of you might be interested, because it works. The picture above were hits I got loading some random ass email combo and just clicking start. I know some of you are going to hate this BUT This program should only be ran inside a vmware i repeat, this software should only get ran from a virtual machine. In case you guys weren't paying attention, ALWAYS RUN THIS IN A VM. I'm really not just saying this^ to be a dickhead, just trying to help you out. The good news is it works, it cracks email accounts. Anyway that's all I'm gonna say about it. VY https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/952028737218d7d8dc994f94368bdf56f6cb62dd325e009f8306890d785b6557/detection https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e8d7a25c217437ab50e4937d330ba02ada71df662f8795396ac4c76ffb25a945/detection
  2. Bro when I say run it in a vmware or sandboxie I mean that's how I run it, that's what I recommend all others to use.
  3. {sorry if this has already been posted.. I didn't see it but it could still be on here somewhere) Cracks many sites. I found it on some forum so scan it and run it in a sandboxie or vmware or whatever. Here's a picture of the main screen which shows the sites it cracks. Instructions: 1. Unzip 2. open up "elements" folder, and put your combos into the combos.txt and your proxies into proxies.txt. Some sites are proxyless but some you will need proxies. 3. run blaze and pick a site from the menu, select proxy type, and theads. 4. results saved in results folder Virus total:
  4. ALL external links AND ACCOUNT TOSSES should always use <code< </code> When you share an account without, sometimes it leaves WHITESPACES in front of the username or password or behind it. username:password or username:password which is better to click copy? no brainer and then when people don't notice it they are trying to sign in to account with a whitespace at the end of the password and it doesn't work so they either keep trying and lock the account out or they report it as not working and leech another account to use. And isn't there a forum addon you can use to automatically put all external links through a nullreferer site like anon.to or something
  5. Here is for those who don't really like watching videos on how to crack. Ok in this tutorial, this is for noobs like me. SO anyway, we aren't going to mess with post data or nothing like that. We are just going to use the browser.