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  1. thanks hope this one is still good appreciATE YA
  2. This is a bitcoin cracker that can crack 4 different bitcoin sites including Coinbase Minergate Freebit.co.in Bitcoinwallet.com spectrocoin.com I used the tool and cracked a few coinbase accounts. Anyway Download VirusTotal 15/64 https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/32fc37663f4821cb03504e4864186c38d6499f60c0ac75b7a78a2dfeace7d8d8/detection
  3. this one works the best compared to other proxy software, in my opinion
  4. Ok nice job if you coded this tool, it does exactly what it's supposed to do. I wish it wouldn't overwrite the old combo list to save the new one. Just in case? I don't use the regex much but it would be cool if you could add whatever character to the username like username:password = username:username1 or username:username1! i know there is software already out there that does this but. tool works fast thanks for sharing I'll definitely keep using it to get rid of the junk ass combos.
  5. let me give it a try and i'll report back here what i think appreciate ya
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  7. spank you spank you very much
  8. everything looks normal to me i made it with ubot studio it works well
  9. Here is a program by me Simple to use. You start it up and you paste your md5 hashes and click start. returns cracked hashes quickly. Virus Total: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/fe13ef03f8e07fe5b4e167156dd177cd09c2388019e337391c140cca35f4e9bb/detection Download:
  10. thanks man im still learning this one