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  1. need help with a ocr site please 

  2. Hi, I can write a message PM?

  3. Actually the only advantage it has over Sentry is that it can handle newer SSL certificates. Sentry is superior in every other way.
  4. Try "All Site Proxy Checker" by kasper. It has an option to specify the keyword by yourself instead of auto grabbing the title. https://yadi.sk/d/Nqy7E353uenLY
  5. I want to parse this token

    It's working fine, maybe your IP is banned. What's the output when you right-click on the Debug window and select View Source Answer in Browser ?
  6. I want to parse this token

    I was giving you a generic answer, didn't look which site youre trying to crack. In this case the value is not in the page source so you must parse the csrfmiddlewaretoken from the csrftoken cookie via variables.
  7. I want to parse this token

    It's in the page source. Tick Enable Custom Parsing and parse the value
  8. Please help for make this

    Are you sure you've got a valid combo? The site leaves out the hash_passwrd value empty when you use a browser Tick the Refresh Cookie.
  9. Please guide me to make this config

    ModelCentro sites are not proxyless anymore and are a bitch to crack. Btw that ShennaShaw config doesn't work anymore.
  10. Question About Socks

    Socks proxies are different from http/s in that that they act like a tunnel between you and the target, they establish a connection to another server and make a request and then route all the traffic back to you. They are preferred for cracking than the http/s proxies but majority of the public ones are nowadays blacklisted on most of the sites.
  11. SNIPR v2.2.5.3

    - VirusTotal - SNIPR is the FIRST C# implementation of a configurable combo checker that comes with pre-made configs which are regularly updated. Since anyone can make configuration files for SNIPR, ultimately any site can be supported! This allows SNIPR to always feel fresh! Read the documentation here: http://snipr.lol/documentation/
  12. Remember the Var name, in most cases it's iavar01 and add it to the post data as <iavar01> For example username=<USER>&password=<PASS>&<iavar01>
  13. Additoin Redirect URL settings.

    What do you mean "Success key to Additional Redirect URL" ? If you were thinking about the "Redirect Keys" : you don't need it, additional redirect url gets called after the redirect url automatically.
  14. How to go about this captcha

    @tinci01 I've sent you the PM. Study the config to try to understand it, it's an esy one. For everyone else reading here's a screenshot.