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  1. Thanks for these ones, have a nice day !
  2. OH ! Thanks you, i had an old one who gave me 'Invalid CSRF Token', don't know how you managed this one, i'm pretty curious.
  3. Thanks for sharing this one mate ! I reallly have to try it !!
  4. Thanks for this one ! Let's see if its still working
  5. Well .. it's pretty useless, since they added Recaptcha ...
  6. Wich file have you opened to make it work ? It always crash on my side
  7. I've got to give it a try.. thanks ! Edit: I don't know why..but the app is crashing when i want to open it ... Win 10 Pro X64 ... & Win 7 X64
  8. let's give it a try, thanks for the share !
  9. Oh nice ! thanks you very much
  10. Thanks for the tutorial, explanation and pictures. I'll try it, maybe i'll get something good !
  11. Category: Webcam, Chat Combo: User Combo Proxy: No Bots: 10-20 Additional Info: Capture Messages, Points G, Jetons PTF. Proof: Config:
  12. Hey ! thanks Hope the link is still good !
  13. Is the link to the file still good ?