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  1. Hello everyone , i am on vacation for 3 months because of exams...so please dont spam my inbox...if i get time then i will check it out...


    Thank you

    1. KraL


      Holly shit man, we'll miss you so much! Take care bro!

    2. DaredEvil


      Good Luck Buddy , May You Do Well :) 

    3. s_SUMERIAN_s


      I wish you success in exams bro Take care of yourself well You deserve the best in your life we will miss you bro

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  10. Why not use Autocad ? Is it dead ? Also you can find many tutorials on torrent sites like rutracker , iptorrents , 7tor.org ...just go to udemy.com and packtpub.com and search for unreal studio/engine then search those titles in those torrent sites and you will get it... Example :- http://7tor.org/viewtopic.php?t=3540690
  11. It is used to build games....Before using unreal i would recommend to use unity [also you should know c++ and c]....You can find courses regarding this engine on udemy And Unreal studio is for designing objects In short unreal is the visual studio of games
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