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  1. I am not able to see reported contents..
  2. I can also help out fixing some broken configs but dont need config masta rank [doing for timepass]
  3. Bots :- 8-15 Only Proxies :- Yes Combo :- User:Pass This Config Is Made By Me [QuaterMaster] Proof :-
  4. There you go :- I thought you people were trying to make it without capture :3....as i dont have any account , so i captured the direct license of free account , whether it have license or not....
  5. Made It With Only 2 Variables :3 Just dont give up...you can even make it with 1 variable too ....all you need to do is use your brain...thats all....
  6. Hello QuaterMaster could you please enter: "http://www.3dtoonvids.com/index.php" on Sentry MBA1?

    your job is the best.Thanks

  7. Bots :- 3-5 Only Combo :- User:Pass Only Proxy :- Yes NOTE :- This Config Is Only Suitable For LetsBruteIt v1.7.0 This Config Is Made By Me [QuaterMaster] + Made This Config On Basis Of Member's Request Proof :-
  8. After checking 600+ or 1000+ accounts , it gives retries....since its limited for proxyless....need to use proxy for this
  9. Bots :- 3 Only Combo :- Email:Pass Only Proxy :- No Capture :- No This Config Is Made By Me [QuaterMaster] + Based On Fast-Checking Proof :-
  10. Bots :- 3 Only [Strictly] Proxy :- No Combo :- User:Pass Only Captures :- Free Accounts Go To "Users/Combos" Section And Premium Accounts To Hits Section This Config Is Made By Me [QuaterMaster] + Based On Fast-API-Based Checking Proof :-