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  1. brother, where the fuck you been. if we bring back our group than that is all that is needed. hope all is well @Kyrios you and @D3vil in one day. awesome hello @sodusme, great to see you, I will definitiley vouch for you, if all you offered was advice it would be a god send for many
  2. have customers for my android boxes that would like to watch bollywood. can anyone tell me of any apks or how they can go about watching this? thanks Gramps
  3. great write up @fed87 people need to follow these guidelines as you speak the truth. I sell a sub and we are not the biggest but our channels are limited to us/can/uk and support is unparrelled. looping problems get fixed within minutes, servers are our own. it is much better to have a sub with fewer channels that are up 95% of the time than 5000 that is aften a crapshoot on which channel will be up that day. I will not give a trial, as you state there are people that hop from one sub to another and live off trials. for 10 a month why not give it a good try
  4. it's good as long as you know going in it will never be 100%. but you watch one ppv, or have a sports pkg it more than pays for itself. buy 2 so you have a back up
  5. hi mate just wondered if you can shine some light, bones actually recommended me to you, i need some with iptv, i cracked a fair few iptv accounts with sentry, but when i come to play the m3u file in vlc i have to use the proxy that was used in sentry for the channel lists to load, however no of the channels play at all, i searched where the proxy originated from and set my faster 10meg vpn to that country and the channels still wont play or buffer :S are these iptv accounts locked to a users specific ip and mac address? if so is there any way around it, i'm trying to use a working m3u link in my enigma2 box lol

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    2. Gramps


      most are free iptv, useless pretty much to start with, buffer like crazy

    3. Stevo29


      I see, but theres a config on here its called vip group iptv with capture, and some of the accounts it picked up were in date upto 2020, think they are paid ones, they just don't work, i can see now like you say they are locked to one ip

    4. iptviptv


      your list have geolocation's new trend in iptv world..

      you need find user country and change ip on that country....


  6. very good solux, don't need but great first start. what does it capture? just premium?
  7. Gramps


    do you know how many use that line to get free shit here? where's your proof take a pic with sign saying hello NTG
  8. If there are people who are fluent in another language and would care to translate this or other tutorials, feel free. just be sure to put what translation is in title. also recognize the person who upped the original by supplying a link to it
  9. feel free to translate and repost, Just title Spanish translation. with car00ts permission of course
  10. you come here, post in the wrong section and the very first thing you do is ask for a handout? not a good start here
  11. canadians are always welcome. bonus points for a leaf fan. who is your buddy
  12. Gramps


    maybe learn to post in right section. 3 posts and a -4 rep already. great start.
  13. @StrawHat think your capture needs fixed. although config works, capture doesn't
  14. Gramps

    Hello world

    we don't like security experts on our site, they make us paranoid, unless they have software we can use. welcome to NTG