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  1. NTG I Need Your Help Again

    thanks to all who signed, sadly we are only at 225 out of 5000. really thought this group would come through, you have done it in the past. sometimes there is more to life than crackin, please help and pass it on. thanks
  2. this is being posted with approval from Julian. I live in Canada, I have a friend who has been here for 9 years and is facing eviction for no reason other than length of stay. I need you all to go to this sight to sign an appeal that will grant him another appeal and have his case reopened. Please help. https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Canadian_Citizenship_Immigration_Canada_Justin_Trudeau_Liberal_Government_Keep_my_husband_in_Canada/?tqCvSmb please use a Canadian VPN to give it more strength. Gramps aka Brian
  3. great write up @fed87 people need to follow these guidelines as you speak the truth. I sell a sub and we are not the biggest but our channels are limited to us/can/uk and support is unparrelled. looping problems get fixed within minutes, servers are our own. it is much better to have a sub with fewer channels that are up 95% of the time than 5000 that is aften a crapshoot on which channel will be up that day. I will not give a trial, as you state there are people that hop from one sub to another and live off trials. for 10 a month why not give it a good try
  4. waaaasup buddy your quiet life over here is over now am stalking your ass lol thanks for heads up catch ye soon


  5. Is IPTV worth it?

    it's good as long as you know going in it will never be 100%. but you watch one ppv, or have a sports pkg it more than pays for itself. buy 2 so you have a back up
  6. All Vpn's Acoount Checker [Licensed to Julia]

    this is different, can anyone post a screen with results. and thanks
  7. Modded TV apps

    @Gerry great post, directv now dropbox is dead though, any chance for update?
  8. Forum Updated - Post Bugs Here

    I noticed @julian is still here. can this please be rectified
  9. Request section for Power Users

    this should be easily implemented. @Bulma, @Nazgul or @Bonez could and should honor this. power users are the true heroes of the site and their own request is the least NTG could do
  10. have customers asking for adult and me being lazy do not want to add addons. anyone have access to XXX android apk's? thanks
  11. Holy fuck I can't believe I actually agree with him. Keep the gay fucking glitter of this site and off my name. I can't believe this was actually proposed
  12. hi mate just wondered if you can shine some light, bones actually recommended me to you, i need some with iptv, i cracked a fair few iptv accounts with sentry, but when i come to play the m3u file in vlc i have to use the proxy that was used in sentry for the channel lists to load, however no of the channels play at all, i searched where the proxy originated from and set my faster 10meg vpn to that country and the channels still wont play or buffer :S are these iptv accounts locked to a users specific ip and mac address? if so is there any way around it, i'm trying to use a working m3u link in my enigma2 box lol

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    2. Gramps


      most are free iptv, useless pretty much to start with, buffer like crazy

    3. Stevo29


      I see, but theres a config on here its called vip group iptv with capture, and some of the accounts it picked up were in date upto 2020, think they are paid ones, they just don't work, i can see now like you say they are locked to one ip

    4. iptviptv


      your list have geolocation guard...it's new trend in iptv world..

      you need find user country and change ip on that country....


  13. Request section for new users

    try reading the announcement section and you will always find your answers. this thread specifically and if your still stuck here is the first paragraph. This is how it works: Members can no longer use ShoutBox by default, nor can they access the requests section of the forum. In order to access Shoutbox, you will need to show that you can contribute content (that is NOT STOLEN, YOU HAVE CRACKED YOURSELF) and we will promote you to Inspired, either by your request through a PM or automatically. If all you do is reply to topics and take, never contribute, you will be moved to Uninspired. As Uninspired, you may no longer reply to account drops and MUST contribute in order to be moved back to Member and eventually to Inspired.
  14. @Dabangg config supposedly works but my capture is not working.