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  1. Thanks a lot !!!

  2. I havent seen any way to reply to your topics? am i overlooking something?


  3. I'm not able to Reply . Can someone PM me the Username and Password ?

  4. thx

    1. TPYashiro


      what is the password and username

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      I do not know post can you help me ???


  6. Hello, sorry to bother, but is there a special way i need to know in order to reply to your topics? Its just that ive seen other topics with the "Reply to this topic" option being on the top of the screen. An answer would be much appreciated.

  7. Welcome!

    HI putridity Welcome NTG https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/profile/49560-putridity/content/ https://nethingoez.com/index.php?/profile/54155-drgore/
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  10. Hi to every NTG members!

    Welcome to NTG Putridity