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  1. brod please share with me config

  2. Ramadan mubarek for everybody No cracking in this month for me
  3. @tarresino You write: "looks fine thanks" but you give me a downvote for what reason you give me down vote
  4. Please show some respect and give a nice thank you It gives me motivation to share alot more for you guys, I do it for the nice replys Enjoy my friends
  5. @Polaron My friend welcome to the club Im happy to see you here
  6. Hi friend there is no detailed error. Only the option to close it nothing more when i try to open
  7. I cant install this i have higher version.
  8. This is the full message when starts picture Windows 10 pro .net framework my list:
  9. Hi friend, I tried the updated tool i did not test the older version because you told me that you gonna updated it