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  1. Never 100% but we are pretty close @kaalki I cannot disclose details here. but trust me this site isn't going down from abuse again. If it goees down someone have a HUGE booter.
  2. it's 90 dollars one year of red rope?

    If so i want one year thru PayPal

  3. Теперь мы в матерной России.
  4. Hello all! On behalf of the owner and myself, I do apologize for the downtime. For those who wonder what happened, we were banned from the server that used to host NTG, because probably a competition cracking site filed an abuse report to our previous host. However, we have taken this time, to move NTG offshore to a bulletproof none DMCA whining bitch host. We are secured as fuck now and this will NOT happen again. For those of you who have lost purchased VIP memberships (because we have done a 2-week rollback before we were downed due to a corrupted backup) please do send me a pm and I'll sort it. Thanks to all of the loyal members who endured this period and welcome back to a NTG that is stronger than ever. Kind Regards Lead Admin @Bonez
  5. Are you skilled in Search Engine Optimization? If you are and is willing to help NTG with optimizing our board then send me a message by clicking here: PM to Bonez Only reply if you CAN help.
  6. Welcome back brother, massive respect!
  7. 2x ExpressVPN Auto Renew ON
  8. :high:


    MY dawg

    1. Bonez


      MAH NIGGA! What's up G?

    2. Pique


      Not much just working and chilling bro 💯


      (Fuck Khabib btw :rollingonfloor:)

    3. Bonez


      Hahahaha, he MAULED Conor, but I have a feelinConor will get instant rematch in the beginning of next year :P 

      McGregor 4 LIFE, PROPER TWELVE!

      bonghit  :manigga: @Pique

  9. I have promoted you back to contributor again.


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      Thanks a lot Bonez.

      Is Appreciated.


  10. NeThinGoez is currently looking for highly skilled crackers that can make advanced configurations for i.e.: Sentry, STORM, Snipr, phpbrute, letsbruteit and black bullet. You do not need to know all these tools, but you need to be a master in at least one of them. If you wanna take on this challenge, which is proving yourself to our @Config Masta (They will test your skills.) Make yourself known here in this thread if you think you have what it takes. Spam replies in this thread=you are dead.