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  1. If you can set up a CC processing gateway, send me a PM.
  2. hay was up did you get my message.

    1. Bonez


      Yes and I deleted it.

      We do not accept PayPal anymore. But you don't read Force read announcement...

      If you wanna purchase with BITCOINS, feel free to contact me again.

  3. Localbitcoins xCoins.io
  4. So, yet again PayPal has seized our funds. I strongly urge anyone who paid for RR thru them to do a charge back. And get your money back, I wll personally accept ALL charge backs. Bitcoins is how we roll. Guides here (it takes a PayPal user 20 minutes to learn how to Exchange PayPal to bitcoins, when you done it 1 time you will do it in 5 minutes): FUCK PAYPAL /BONEZ
  5. We will run small adds for porn sites to be more precise. And yes it has been an expensive venture to make NTG come to life again, and we are on our knees in the funding department. So please get SB or RR. We will accept PayPal for members purchasing 6 months or more. Regards Bonez
  6. The forum suite is finally updated with security patches and bla bla bla But as most of you notice we are without theme atm, we are working on it.
  7. Welcome to Nethingoez! This forum was created in 2008 to give you a place to discuss ideas, exchange opinions and get help, or advices from other members in everything related to cracking. This is the best “One Stop” site to cover all your needs, be it configurations, tutorials, tools or premium accounts. Posting in this forum is a privilege and not an obligation, so, we expect a respectful conduct from your side while you are here. In our efforts to preserve a friendly environment, NTG Staff reserves the right to ban your access to this forum at any time for the failure to abide by these rules. Have respect for each other Everyone is entitled to say their opinion, but no one is entitled to attack others for that opinion. If you can't communicate without using aggressive, or insulting responses, maybe this is not the right forum for you. Your response should focus on your disagreement with a person's opinion, not on the person itself. People may have different viewpoint which is quite natural. However, this is not at all a reason for bad conduct. If you do not like a thread or the people who are in it, don't post on it. Stricly forbidden Posting, requesting, share or link content that promotes hatred or discrimination against individuals or groups, based on race, ethnic origin, religion, ideology, disability, gender or sexual orientation. Posting, requesting, share or link material with child pornography, sexual exploitation, human trafficking, criminal organizations, and / or similar things. Personal attacks, bullying, harassment, insulting messages or threats against other members or Staff will not be tolerated, either via comments, forum posts or private messages. Posting, share or requesting for any accounts that are financial in nature (amazon, Walmart, PayPal, etc) Leeching Leeching is strictly forbidden, your account will be BANNED immediately. The following is considered as Leeching: Taking more than one account of the same site. If the password doesn't work, please use the"report post" button( this helps us keeping the forum clean from dead content). Sharing any content posted by NTG members on another forum or posting accounts from other forums on NTG is prohibited. Changing the passwords of the accounts shared in NTG. The accounts last longer if the password remains the same. So refrain from doing such actions. If you think someone is involved in Leeching, posting Spam content or breaking any rule, send a private message to any member of Staff who shall carry out the appropriate action against the offender, but never accuse or signal to anyone publicly in forum or in shoutbox. Spam We do not permit advertisements or links to other forums or websites. You can not make posts to promote commercial products or services. Do not make spam posts just to see the hidden content. Spam reply: thnx / thx/ ty / tnx Good reply: Thanks for sharing this acccount / config I appreciate your efforts. Posting correctly English is the only language allowed in the forum, including Shoutbox. The text in "Sentence case" is the usual and correct way to write your posts. A maximum of 16 points is allowed. COMPLETELY WRITING IN "UPPERCASE" IS NOT CORRECT, IT SHOWS THAT YOU ARE SHOUTING (INTERNET USES). It is not allowed to post or requesting for accounts / configs in Shoutbox. Never post a Direct link. (Wrong: https://www.google.com - Correct: google.com) Do not use symbols @ ! ? # $ % & - _ = * ( ) [ ] { } ' ; , . < > / in front of the title. Report content If the account you replied is dead, no bandwidth left or is expired subscription, you can report it by clicking the “Report post” button link located at the right top of each post. Please leave a reason on why you believe the post must be trashed (expired account, dead account, etc). Don’t just edit and update the post stating that the password is not working or dead account. In this way it won’t be removed. This action will help us to remove of dead accounts/links and keep the forum clean and provide you a better service. All reports will be checked, so do not try to fool us by false reporting. How to report: New Members Please introduce yourself, tell us who you are and how you came to know about NTG: Click Here For all announcements and updates regarding NTG: Click Here Leave respectful comments which show that you appreciate the people who share passwords with you. Reward the effort of all contributors and press the green arrow as gratitude if the password works for you, if the password does not work, please click “Report post” button. Replying daily limit (24h) You have a reply limit of 5 posts with this rank, you can split this quota in any way you want between accounts and configs. But you can only reply to a maximum of 2 configs. Power User Once you reach 250 posts and 100 propz, you will automatically be promoted to Power User and gain access to the Premium Account Tosses section. In order to remain kindly post accounts or configs periodically in the Free Account Tosses or Premium Account Tosses sections, failing to do so will result in you being demoted to Members group again. Replying daily limit (24h) You have a reply limit of 6 posts with this rank, you can split this quota in any way you want between accounts and configs. But you can only reply to a maximum of 3 configs. Red Rope Red Rope is Nethingoez’s version of VIP membership. If you are interested in purchasing or you need more info: Click Here If you have more questions about Red Rope please do feel free to contact @Bonez Replying daily limit (24h) You have a reply limit of 8 posts with this rank, you can split this quota in any way you want between accounts and configs. But you can only reply to a maximum of 4 configs. Shady Bastards Shady Bastards is Nethingoez’s version of Super-VIP membership. With this subscription you have full access to all NTG's sections. If you are interested in purchasing or you need more info: Click Here. If you have more questions about Shady Bastards please do feel free to contact @bawz Replying daily limit (24h) You have a reply limit of 10 posts with this rank, you can split this quota in any way you want between accounts and configs. But you can only reply to a maximum of 5 configs. Staff Staff members are volunteers who lend their valuable personal time to manage day to day the correct functioning of the forum and help to other members of the community. While we're the first to admit we're not perfect, we strive for mutual conduct within ourselves in the fairest manner possible to maintain harmony in the community. If you have a question, let us know, we will try to give you the best answer. 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Anyway, if you think you have enough talent to hold a Staff position, you can write a message describing all your knowledge and skills Here. We will consider your message and we will give you the best possible feedback based on it. Market Nethingoez values your loyalty and gives you the possibility to open a sales thread. You can create your sales thread Here. To do this, future sellers must have at least the rank of Power User, and continue contributing regularly in the forum, otherwise we will close your sales thread. Nethingoez does not hold any responsibility, for possible conflicts or disputes between the seller and the buyer, since it does not receive any money or commission from the sales. The seller must be honest and provide all possible details to the buyer: Expiration date of the account or subscription. If you offer a guarantee or not and for how long. If the site works with tokens or credits, it is necessary to say how many credits are left. If it is a Hub site like Pornportal, it is necessary to say which subscriptions are active. Indicate clearly what payment methods you accept: PayPal, Bitcoin, etc. Please do not go overboard in your topic description to gain attention. This is not allowed: @^@=@^@ LOOK AT HERE CHEAP PRICES @^@=@^@ *~**~**~* I HAVE ALL / PORN / FILEHOST / VPN *~**~**~* How to report scams or frauds Do not purposefully accuse another user of fraudulent activity or cheating unless you have enough proof of the same. First you must present a complaint, giving details of your case, you can attach screenshots of your messages or any other evidence that you consider appropriate to confirm your version of the facts Here. Next, we will give the concerned party enough time to explain their version. If the alleged fraudster does not cooperate or does not provide enough information to solve the conflict, the most we can do for you is to ban the user, to avoid new cases of scam. The money you must absorb it as a loss, since Nethingoez does not hold any type of responsibility between seller - buyer. verified seller Sellers with an impeccable sales history will receive a verified seller tag so at least you know you're dealing with a reputable source. *Nethingoez reserves the right to update, modify or change these rules at any time without prior notice. It is your responsibility to check this page periodically to be updated with the changes made. Cast your vote regarding the acceptance of NeThinGoez Code of Ethics above this page. Failing to comply and trying to be funny by clicking no will render your account banned. Regards, Nethingoez Staff
  8. I second that. Merry X-mas /holidays & happy new year. Feliz navidad
  9. Cảm ơn bạn cho tất cả các công việc khó khăn bạn làm. NTG đánh giá cao bạn rất nhiều! Rất yêu bạn @vinhthai222006
  10. dtt

    payment sent.

  11. Hi bro

    I elevated your access a bit. FYI


  12. bawz


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      thats my sauce, i play this when i go to get chips...

    3. bawz
  13. You can edit any of my pinned topics if you see fit. No worries bro