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  1. Safest xCoins Easiest xCoins Best value per dollar Localbtcoins. But Localbitcoins is also easy when you know how it works
  2. Hello NTG! For a couple of months we will run a standing recruiting promo; being: If you have a friend who needs their daily doze of accounts of any kind - and have them sign up to NTG and purchase RedRope or ShadyBastards NTG will - Give You the exact same amount of VIP on your account! if you're already a VIP-member we will extend your current VIP sub with the same time your mate purchase! And dont miss out on: Regards Bonez with Staff @Members @Power User @Red Rope @Shady Bastards
  3. NTG is open to leasning our header space as the one currently displayed by accountmania. If you outbid the current advertiser we will lease it to you. Current price 25$ per 30 days, DIRT CHEAP if you ask me for 20,000 views a week. We won't consider any offers below $40.00 a month. And observe the ad wont be blocked by an adblocker as its incorpotated in the theme. Do you wish to have your banner on full display and about 20k views per week, contact me @Bonez /The Owners
  4. Promo set to end on 30th of September. Thank you all who supports NTG Kindly Bonez
  5. It's connected to her facebook. All she needs to do is click I forgot my password and she'll get a mail to reset on her Facebook-connected e-mail.
  6. Bonez

    Hi there!

    Welcome back cholo This is usually where people with common sense find their home. Its a great community, even though we are small, we are more like a family. But still have the best Configers you will find. Enjoy your stay on NTG
  7. Today marks the End of Lifetime memberships, they are no longer for sales either in ShadyBastards OR RedRope. Sorry for ya'll who missed out, but we still have this promo going.
  8. I have during this year received inquiries for people who wished to purchase our RedRope lifetime membership a.k.a DeathRow But for one or another reason dd not follow thru. Please note that after the 31th of August being Monday after THIS weekend. NTG will NO LONGER SELL LIFETIME memberships, and this goes for RedRope as well as ShadyBastards. So if you are still looking for LifeTime VIP this is the last call to get it. For SB-life kindly pm @bawz For RedRope-life (a.k.a DeathRow) pm me @Bonez And if your just looking for a good short term deal make sure you haven't missed the current promo: @Member @Members @Power User @Red Rope @Shady Bastards Regards - NTG -
  9. damn good question. 2 ways. EIther permissions for NeThingGay are wrong or he found a vuln.
  10. Valid until 31th of October - 2020 SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PORN & ACCOUNTS DEALER! RedRope Offers - Save yourself money and support NTG! 3 Months $ 28.00 ($36.00) 6 Months $ 49.00 ($66.00) 12 Months $ 70.00 ($108.00) RedRope grants you access to The RedRope area of NTG, which contains frequently updated accounts & configs for all imaginable sites as well as serialkeys and warez and the best Porn accounts. ShadyBastard Offers - Up to 70% off! 3 Months $ 85.00 ($150.00) 6 Months $ 135.00 ($200.00) 12 Months $ 199.00 ($600.00) ShadyBastard grants you full access - The RedRope Area and our unique ShadyBastard Area. SB is like RedRope on Viagra. For the ones that CRAVES the best! Promo prices are available until the last of September. Only the announced 3, 6 & 12 months are available with these amazing discounts. Pm @Bonez for RedRope Pm @bawz for ShadyBastards Current subscribers can ALSO use this promo. ***BITCOIN is the ONLY available payment method.*** Example PM Kindly The Owners with PS Fuck you all @ /Bonez @Member@Members@Power User@Red Rope@Shady Bastards
  11. So for those who still wants either DeathRow or life Shady Bastards. >>14 days left from today.<< After the end of august we will only sell VIP in form of months and up to one year. Thanks for your understanding.
  12. hi  bonez  i was  away for sometime   i need 3 months RR  please pm me

    1. Bonez


      Check your PM @DjKaRl1414

  13. Welcome to the deepweb of clearnet @Sorak422 Enjoy your stay here
  14. Let me be the first one to start a BRAWL in the new fight and bitch Section. @w00f you offended the Turks. @AxioM Finish him