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  1. A lot of @Members lack the basic knowledge on how to exchange PayPal money for Bitcoins. Bitcoins is our ONLY accepted payment method for VIP ( @Red Rope & @Shady Bastards ). So what you need are 2 things. 1. A verified account on 2. A Bitcoin wallet such as a soft wallet on Visual Guide: How to trade: Sign into your Blockchain wallet up and sign in to your verified localbitcoins account: Hope this helps! /Bonez
  2. how bad that paypal does that now if I can not renew my membership by Bitcon I do not know how to keep them greetings friend

    1. Bonez


      Hi @jose400 there is a place where you can exchange PayPal to bitcoin:

      Cheers Buddy

    2. jose400


      @bonez thank you very much I will try 

  3. @ConsTatiNe ofc I remember you bro. The day to day work with staff is executed by Administrators & Super Moderators. I've tagged em so they can see what you say, and find the best way to sort this in a way that suits the site and its members the best way. Nor I or @bawz holds control over the staff anymore. I have left this responsibility in its enirety to the Senior staff. And I feel what you say. Let admin & smods do the judging. Because I am a man of my word, and I will not interfere in staff related issues anymore.
  4. @Admin @Super Mod
  5. Hello NTG! As of today, we will not accept PayPal in any way, shape or form as a means of payment. Why? Because we lose more money from PayPal seizing legit accounts than we do selling VIP. Economics 101 - Don't end up in debt. So from today the 5th of July we will ONLY accept Bitcoins, Etherum or BitconCash as payments for both VIP groups ShadyBastards & RedRope. So please stop requesting PayPal purchases, because we cannot use it. And we won't again. However, I am trying to find alternative payment gateways that we can use. And hopefully, I will be able to get some new method of payment working soon. Meanwhile, if your only option is PayPal you can exchange PayPal money for Bitcoin here: and here: Best Regards @The Owner
  6. Bones Hi,

    Im new to this forum and would like to test one month of the Red Rope membership. I can only use PayPal no Bitcoin.

    As a reference Im a long time user with same username from other forum I got here from an app
    that someone posted and I read the txt file included.

    Please let me know !


    1. vchavez


      Any update Bones on my request ?


    2. vchavez


      Saw that only bitcoin is accepted what is the amount in bitcoin for 1 month and how can I purchase  ? Thanks

  7. Thank you for all you've done. If you wanna talk, hit me up on discord
  8. Yes, the old guard is becoming thinner. This site needs SEO work done to become alive again. And it doesn't help that google blacklisted us...
  9. You're a great guy JunooN, awesome configer, awesome staff, awesome person. When we get this train up to the right speed (thru SEO work) I wont forget all the work you put in. You make other mods look lazy af (no pun to mods) just saying..
  10. And I applaud you. What has been the problem for the longest time is bad SEO work. We had a guy working on it for months but the work was in vain as it didn't render any higher results in search engines. I am actively Searching for someone who can work with SEO to bring the activity level up in this bitch. But it ain't easy to find the competence. If ANYONE know a true SEO-manager/dev - PLEASE forward them to me, it will be a paid work. IF THE PERSON IS A PRO.
  11. hello ..I want for a month red rop....for test...i have  connection iptv mag 250 for greece chanells privat  ...and  and if I can find anything server for this chanels why not support this 

  12. hello bonez 

    thank you for every thing

  13. Hi owner, i want pay by paypal 2 months how i can do? please write me in private message

  14. Hi all We will cut the prices for RedRope by a 3rd for an undisclosed period of time. BTC/Bitcoins is the only available payment option to use this promo Duration Standard Price Promo Price 1. Month $15.00 $10.00 2. Months $28.00 $18.50 3. Months $36.00 $24.00 6. Months $66.00 $44.00 9. Months $90.00 $60.00 12. Months $108.00 $72.00 To use this offer simply send me a PM @Bonez Include the desired duration f.e "3 Months RR Promo" and I will reply with the BTC address. @The Owner