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      thats my sauce, i play this when i go to get chips...

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    Welcome Tainkk And here are many guys that you can learn from
  7. The collection of all cracking tools available will be updated continuously. Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I have added the safest versions I can find with help from NTG's Staff, but downloading any of these files and using them is done at your own risk. NTG takes NO responsibility if you get fucked. Always use cracking tools with caution. If you miss any tool, post it in comments, I will check it and add it. @Member @Members @Power User @Red Rope @Shady Bastards @Hall of Fame @Contributor @Config Masta BlackBullet v. 2.1.6 Cracked DOWNLOAD HERE LetsBruteit v. DOWNLOAD HERE OpenBullet Original Source Code (100% SAFE but needs to be compiled) The latest release can be downloaded here: OpenBullet v. 1.1.4 DOWNLOAD HERE OpenBullet v. 1.3.3-Anomaly DOWNLOAD HERE PHP Brute DOWNLOAD HERE SentryMBA v. 1.4.1 (Stable Version SAFE TO USE) DOWNLOAD HERE SentryMBA v. 1.4.2 Modded by "Microsoft Windows" DOWNLOAD HERE SentryMBA v. 1.5.0 Modded By "Microsoft Windows" DOWNLOAD HERE Snipr To be added. STORM v2.6.0.2 (SAFE) DOWNLOAD HERE all versions can be downloaded HERE (Always scan with PASSWORD FOR RAR: STORM Configuration GUI (SAFE) DOWNLOAD HERE OpenBullet v1.4.1 - Anomaly (SAFE) DOWNLOAD HERE
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