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  1. Hade jag aldrig gissat, trevligt med fler Skandinavier!
  2. Det har jag inte sett mycket av dessvärre Men vi är några skandinaver här
  3. This is a poll survey to see if there is an interest and need for language specific discussion sections on NTG, and if/how interesting this would be to the community. Thank you for taking the time to answer the poll. Regards Bonez
  4. En primer lugar, ¡Hola jou29! Aquí está la cosa. NTG siempre ha sido un foro multilingüe con miembros de todo el mundo, ni siquiera mi lengua materna es el inglés. Entonces, si tuviéramos que seguir adelante con esto, tendríamos que hacer lo mismo para todos los grupos principales de idiomas. Me gusta un poco la idea, pero al mismo tiempo, lo más probable es que algunos miembros se sientan excluidos, ya que todos nosotros, voluntariamente o no, hemos acordado que el inglés es el "estándar global" de los idiomas. Sin embargo, me gusta la idea, por lo que para fines de discusión solo pude configurar, por ejemplo - Español - Alemán - Francés Como secciones de discusión entre miembros, naturalmente debe haber más de una persona que esté a favor de la idea. Haré un voto en todo el foro para su propuesta. Gracias. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First of all, Hello jou29! Here's the thing. NTG has always been a multilingual forum with members from all over the world, not even my native tounge is English. So if we were to go thru with this, we would have to do the same for every major language group. I do kind of like the idea, but at the same time, it would most likely make some members feel excluded as all of us have willingly or not, agreed that English is the "Global Standard" of languages. However, I am liking the idea, so for discussion purposes only I could setup for example - Spanish - German - French As discussion sections between members, naturally there needs to be more then one person though who is for the idea. I'll make a forum wide vote for your proposal. Thank you.
  5. https://bfy.tw/QM41 https://bfy.tw/QM41 https://bfy.tw/QM41
  6. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/honeygain.com
  7. Welcome to NTG. Follow the rules, and have fun
  8. @Members @Red Rope @Power User
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  10. Mind sending me a PM @Bonez so I can test the quality of your proxies? If its good you will have a position in staff waiting for you. And if you also can provide HQ Dumps, please show some in PM @Bonez //Bonez
  11. Hello NTG! We are on a headhunt for Config Makers & High Level Crackers & Coders/Exploiters + Graphic Designer Know anyone? Let them know! Are YOU the one? Let US know. Apply Right here in this thread. Config Master = PPL who can Provide NTG with HQ config for any site. Skills with more software then OpenBullet is a + High Level Crackers = PPL who can provide HQ accounts of various kinds. Coders = PPL who can build apps like list sorters, proxy scrapers etc. Exploiters = PPL who are skilled in SQLi & Dumping USER:PASS(HASH) from FRESH DB's. Graphic Designers = PPL with high level Web Graphic Skills willing to help NTG upon request for different images. Make yourself known here or send me a PM @Bonez PS. We are NOT looking for maintenance Staff a.k.a Moderators.. DS - The Owner
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