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  1. Deleting the work when leaving constitutes a problem. Namely the staff needing to go thru the whole account since you deleted all your work when you left. I love you bro, but you won't be getting a staff position on NTG just by asking after that. Share some work and your name is in the mix. If you are not :
  2. We are all volunteers, my friend.
  3. Hello Bonez


    I want to Get 1 month of RR

    1 Month - $12.00

    my email is 


    thank you very much.

    1. Bonez


      I sent you a PM

  4. Very nice share mate @popper rock these "professional" templates are always hard to find
  5. Thank you all who replied we will start checking you out all applicants. So post some configs/accounts, show us what ya got. It will be easier for us to then find what we're looking for.
  6. the tools that are most used now: Sentry for some sites still. LetsBruteit STORM (Very nice GUI) phpbrute bypass Cloudflare Snipr (encrypted configs) make them live longer.
  7. Hello everyone! NTG is currently looking to expand and refresh the staff. Are you a skilled cracker or config masta willing to share your work with the community? (Mainly in our VIP forums RedRope & Shady) Make yourself known in this thread, tell us a little about what you do and you might get a chance to prove yourself. Do not send any PM's. Make yourself known here, and if you sound interesting an administrator will contact you
  8. You mother fucking BAWS @fed87
  9. For RR/SB related matters don't spam me with nonsense. Contact @julian and show proof of payment. 

  10. looking for a working xtream codes config for sentry if any available for sale thanks

    1. Bonez


      please post in the thread, and make your request there so everyone involved in the shop can see it: 


    2. Bonez


      or send pm to @Guru or @Sangha

  11. sir, i like to stay here because of i like here.after somuch time and your help i gain this,without your help and Bulma help i wont be able to succeded here,i will do my best for this forum.but sir i dont like any postion in here. red rope member and power user is more than enough.some time i am online with mobile.i associated very few people, that is why i always hangaround here.thank you very much your concern, i really preciate you and Bulma,But sir this is good for me.i like to stay now i am in position. thank you.:)

  12. 5 banned spammers. Read or leave the topic. Ban hammer is hungry.
  13. Bonez


    Welcome to The post count to upgrade is not what is important. What is important on NTG is taking AND giving. When you reach a post count of 250 topics/posts and have received 100 Up propz you become a PowerUser and get access to premium accounts and configs. We also have a VIP section that is called RedRope. Members of RedRope are paying members and they get access to high quality content of all kinds. Enjoy your stay here. You can learn cracking also if you wish. First up vote for you is on the house
  14. hey bro , una cuenta gratis de porfavor

  15. I think your friend is uneducated and have a poor understanding of currencies in General. A cryptocurrency is DE-CENTRALIZED meaning it cannot be killed, and death by the community is Not gonna happen. The Vision of BTC the founder of all cryptocurrencies, was to destabilize the fiat currencies and give the monetary power back to the people. We aren't quiet there yet, and probly never will due to ppl trusting & fearing their governments. "The people should not fear the government, the government should fear the people" Some french dude said that. Might've been Jean Jaques Rossaeu but I cba checkin that. But NO it will never die, it will keep on growing and the bank sector will do all in their power to fuck with us, but they pissing up the wrong tree. You see that altcoins are like the head of Medusa, if one get chopped off, 2 new ones grow out instantly.