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  1. How did you find nethingoez.com

    I did not find NTG. NTG found me. U dig?
  2. Pump and Dump Group Discord Invite

    A nigga gotta make bread. @Djlatino can you post the link again, fuck BTC I need a new outlet and I can pump best believe that.
  3. <?php echo "Hello World"; ?>

    welcome to NTG (oh and don't place that code in a webroot..
  4. Info: I'm raffling 2 spotify family accounts to 2 winners. With a family account you can create a sub account and have <Spotify Premium> for free - Forever. I've had mine since 3 years back. Rules: Pick a number between 1 - 20. When all slots are filled winners will be announced, or at Valentines day (2018-02-14) if not all slots become full. If a winner needs help setting up a sub account I will do it for you. Oh and don't pick a number that has already been taken thank you. Staff is allowed to enter this raffle. @Watermelonpie @luisfsl @followme @davizzel @Charkoss
  5. Make Tester Forum

    I'll set it up
  6. I say Cake you think Icing

  7. Hello

    Understatement of the year. Best cracking site on the webz. Welcome to NTG
  8. Banned appeal

  9. Banned appeal

    Case closed.
  10. official Config Masta's Wanted

    Anyone more ppl who feel they have what is required and become? @Config Masta