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  1. i saw your work before bro , you are talented , big vouch for you
  2. OH , that good news to see @JunooN @iMPaCt with this role . i think they will do the best for NTG . Good luck my friends .
  3. / premium cookie until : 14/11/2018 use this trick to get this premium account :
  4. NiNja

    CBS - 1X

    @Drizzy2 account still working
  5. welcome with all crackers at NTG : we all suffer from changing passwords of cracked accounts from noobs as they already have account email and password and they could change account information at any time . so that we will use cookies instead of email:password and with this way we will get premium account like email:password first : download this addon for google chrome : second : we will test cookie for as an example which is premium but we should use free account first on rapidgator , ok let's try . then : go to my account / profile , you will get premium account .
  6. NiNja

    @TrainWreck88 account still working premium with me
  7. first : excuse me for the mistake with you bro second : your work is awesome and if you want any premium icons to add to your design just pm me
  8. NiNja

    Spotify 10X

    @671993 i tried one only and still working well
  9. @DaredEvil kindly , could you update link as reported as dead ?
  10. welcome back again bro i'm glad to see your contribution again
  11. hello from a short time i want to became a contributer to share my gold hits here but as a member i prefered not to share accounts as passwords would be changed at free sections i could crack any site and i've a little experience at making configs and dealing with kali linux to use injection against sites bro . you can give me this rank as a test for short time and at this time i'll make a good contribution this is a chance for me and you all will see my hits and sharing accounts at NTG