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  1. hey thanks for the share!
  2. thanks for the rare tosses, propped!
  3. thanks for the share, propped!
  4. thanks as always, gayan. propped.
  5. hey thanks for the share, propped!
  6. Thanks for the help. Hope these work so I can use WiFi instead of data .
  7. of course PC! you just dont get enough control with console
  8. I used to swear by PS4, but once I got a gaming PC that all changed. Just thing about it from a logical, economic perspective: how is a $400 PS4 supposed to compete with a $1000 gaming PC? Forget the fact that mouse/keyboard has more inputs and more precision, just think about the graphics comparison. You'll never see consoles render at the level of detail that PC does.
  9. definitely the 1070. trust me, you will not regret getting the better card.