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  1. A demotion shouldn't be easy like this. If you catch a leecher BAN him, but inactivity not a reason for demotion i think.
  2. if it not works i'll kill you edit: its shitty. useless.
  3. Hey guys, Mail bot taken from HF: leaked by me. For now bot works but edu mails can't get confirmation. I believe a Python coder can handle this easily. Maybe change domain. Download Link: Backup Link:!Z1ZTACpT!OYWk01AWTxGi_z45-U7pmReNRdrc4ZapZ2VMwcKYv9U Backup Link: Virustotal: +Propzz
  4. Nice nick, welcome!
  5. Looks awesome julian
  6. Happy Eid to all my muslim brothers.
  7. hi mate, welcome to ntg. Read rules first.
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    hey welcome to ntg keep learning..
  9. Time to stock this shit. @DaredEvil thank you!
  10. Thanks for latest version @Mega_1
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    Hello @Logik welcome to NTG enjoy your learning