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  1. How is the new look of NTG? Do you like it? Should we stick with this or go back to the old one? @Teh Owner @Admin
  2. Thanks for the account.
  3. NTG Proxy Parse and Checker by AmazMessi The Proxy Tool is capable of Scrapping Proxies [Http/s, Socks 5 and Socks 4]. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Select the Proxy Type Click the Drop Down Menu, next to Type of Proxy and then Select Socks Proxy Step 2: Enter the Number of Proxies you need to Parse In Number of Links (TextBox), you can enter sources of Proxy Lists to Parse from those sources Step 3: Wait Until all the Proxies are Scrapped, then Click Send Proxy to Checker Step 4: Click ProxyChecker Tab, Then Click Check Note: You Can Change Website and Timeout too: Click Setting, Then Change Values Download Link: Thank You, Everyone!