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  1. Uploaded.net Unlimited Account

    I've got one too
  2. Cleaning and filtering sql combolist

    This is what I use to clean my List http://unifiedlm.com/Download
  3. hash cracking problem

    First Convert those hashes from Sha256(base64) to Sha256(hex) or normally referred as Sha256. Later use any tools like passwordspro or some other to crack hashes.
  4. Hulu sentry config help

    The problem is not only with the keywords ,You need to do some modifications in config to begin with -Tick that Refresh cookie Option -Postdata have to be modified -And your redirect URL is wrong
  5. Trouble capturing data

    Post a Valid Account I'll look into it
  6. sentry mba Anafile.com

    I've checked this config. It works.
  7. sentry mba scribd.com

    I've checked this config. It works.
  8. anywhere to buy HQ proxies

    Check this site https://buy.fineproxy.org/eng/
  9. sentry mba Login-x.com

    Combo: Can use both Normal & Email Combo Proxy: Yes Bots: 40-70 Proof: Config:
  10. Thanks I'll take a look
  11. second additional redirect

    @Khan BTW which site are you trying ?
  12. second additional redirect

    Compute variables at Additional Redirect stage and assign a new URL through this function in sentry AddRedirectURL(Input, URLData, PostData, CookieData,HeaderData, HTTPMethod) Refer MBA VARIABLES pdf for more info.
  13. second additional redirect

    Is that required post data for AddRedURL2 need to be computed from AddRedURL1 ?
  14. tool for db filtr

    Buddah coded a nice tool for this-- named "List Rearranger" Here is the download link
  15. sentry mba Livejasmin.com

    Combo: Normal Combo. Proxy: Yes. Bots: 30-50 Additional Info: Use good proxies. Proof: Config: