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  1. 3x spotify[Premium]

    thanks for sharing
  2. spotify family autorenew

    Thank you, I'll check it out
  3. HBOnow.com x4

  4. HBOnow.com x4

    Thanks for sharing

    Thanks for sharing! Awesome!
  6. Spotify Premium

    Thank for sharing! You are awesome
  7. what's your internet speed

    100 MB down and 20 MB up
  8. If you had to pick only one drawing/art software and could only use that one forever. Which one would you pick?
  9. PC vs Consoles

    Obviously PC. But if you had to pick between those two consoles which one would you pick? PS4 or XBOX I would personally pick PS4 but I have an xbox one because most the people I know have xbox
  10. Oh hello!

    Hello everyone, im new here! Well a friend of mine introduced me to this website and I am very much interested in new technologies and stuff