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  1. sentry mba netflix.com

    thanks very much for sharing
  2. httpfox

    @westy27 just do as abrooke139 suggested. you can reinstall firefox old version and stop it from automatic update or choose never update. i tried it many days ago and its fine for me.
  3. Windows RDP i7 3.4ghz FAST

    thanks for sharing this my friend
  4. STIFFIA.COM - 5X (Many Channels)

    thanks a lot for sharing
  6. sentry mba proxyless UrbanAmateurs.net

    Combo : Normal Combo Proxy : No Bots : 3-5 Proof : Config :
  7. problem post section Premium Account Tosses

    @Bonez @UncleToM CountAccount said - I think that it was agreed that the members that were power users before being upgraded to RR, they would still be able to access to the power user area. I myself can. I remember Rainbow was banned and then put directly in Red Rope, maybe it's that, he didn't come from power user. Uraniobeige, he was RR then member, then upgraded to power user and then RR again so maybe his user needs some fixing in the permissions ---------------------------------------- before becoming a redrope and config masta, i (RAINBOW) was also a power user. so if CountAccount have access to the power user area in his red rope rank, so like him i am also permitted to access the power user area with red rope rank. as CountAccount said the problem may be with some permissions issue. so please check and fix these permissions. thanks
  8. How to obtain Success/Failure Keys

    thanks very much for sharing. want to know which new tricks hidden inside.
  9. problem post section Premium Account Tosses

    i am also facing the same problem like uraniobeige. i can not see the power user configs and can not see the reply box in power user account tosses section. please solve my problem also.
  10. NTG Popup Multi Cracker v1.0

    thanks for sharing the tool my friend, also add proxy support.
  11. thanks very much sharing this tool my friend
  12. Let'sBruteIT Cracker [ no Login needed]

    thanks very much for this tool
  13. Easy way to get success key of almost any site

    lets check the tip given by Borax
  14. sentry mba MembersAreas.com

    thanks very much for the config
  15. 10-22-16 Power Edit

    thanks very much for this tool my friend