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  1. Best Combo Leecher 2017

    thanks for the tools.curious to know more.
  2. WoodmanFilms.com [RedRope Downloadz Preview]

    hey nice idea ShadowAngel. maybe this could be done for other hard to crack sites as well.thanks for the effort sir.
  3. Why the hits of Bangbros they die fast ??

    Apart from the previous answers which are most prob correct,another factor could be that most users of the cracked accounts are more interested in the multisite accounts than the single site accounts and therefore they get smashed (abused) leading to their quick death.just my opinion.
  4. Safe3 Web Vulnerability Scanner v9.2

    must try it.thankyou.
  5. G-Split 3.0 Portable - 5gig Text File No Problem

    thanks for this app.
  6. SQLi Dumper v8.3

    thanks for the proggy.great share.
  7. A very useful site for cracking

    lets have alook.thankyou bro.
  8. sentry mba pornhub

    appreciate your work friend.will try and get some hits.
  9. sentry mba TeamSkeet.com (Only Premium) (OCR)

    nice work and thanks alot.
  10. sentry mba Videosz.com (Only Premium Accounts)

    thanks for your config bro.
  11. sentry mba proxyless YouPorn

    will try your config.thanks very much for the share sir.
  12. FastOCR V1.8

    thanks for sharing mate.
  13. Sentry 2.0 - Not MBA - Old Version

    yes used this a while ago now.thx for bringing it back.
  14. Wrack B.P.C PopUp Checker

    A great tool from the good old popup days.thx sir.