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  1. Mine is around 30 MB Download and 40 MB for Upload. Totally fine !
  2. For me, i would prefer Netflix. well the answer is obvious for some people that Netflix has a more various stock of contents and series which are most of the time, officially owned, better integrated with other entertainment platforms, and you can not find anywhere else, for example, Stranger Things, Rick and Morty, Better call Saul... all of them are my favorite. But if you wanna go for really specialize and famous series like Game of Throne of something you saw on TV and really want to find them again, HBO is a good choice.
  3. thats a great idea, i hope the community and the share, including mine will get much more quality and in quantity. Cheers!
  4. i hope it works thanks
  5. Hi, im considering buying a new phone, would be great to have some opinion!
  6. Hi I am interested in purchasing RR or SB, please allow me 5 minutes to preview. Thanks
  7. see how different is the topic to this