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  1. I'm pretty sure the Test School section is in the trash area. Don't think it exists. Most people are going to be to busy to actually teach you, your best bet is do what others have and be self taught. Read the tutorials, watch Youtube videos and follow along, start with easy sites, that don't require variables etc.
  2. [help] Url of Inthecrack.com

    I'm not 100% certain bud. I don't normally crack Porn related shit. I think most are User & Email right?
  3. [help] Url of Inthecrack.com

    Okay good deal, I seen you upvoted but didn't provide an account, just making sure you didn't forget. Just tag me when you have one available.
  4. [help] Url of Inthecrack.com

    @bernis Are you going to provide a working account for debugging?
  5. [help] Url of Inthecrack.com

    This site has 420 SSL errors. Usually you can bypass this with Fiddler or SSL proxies, however not this site. It can not be done with Sentry. It can be done with BruteIt though. Please provide an account and I'll complete the config for you. See here:
  6. httpfox

    You never really needed HTTPFOX, Firefox like most other browsers have built-in developer tools. To bring it up on Firefox, just press Ctrl+Shift+i then switch to the network tab. Then you will be able to capture traffic just like you would with HTTPFOX. If you're interested in a third party program I'd go with Fiddler, Mitmproxy, HTTP Debugger, etc. Here's the developer tools:
  7. Hey guys so Game Sessions gives away a free game every now and then. Last time it was Ryse: Son of Rome, which I shared a link to. Now they have Worms Reloaded for anyone interested. You can download it for free from the Game Sessions website here: https://www.gamesessions.com/en/Game/WormsReloaded It will be available to download until the 28th of December, so grab your free copy! Enjoy.
  8. IPTV Sub section

    I like the idea. IPTV is pretty popular. I actually just started cracking it more lately. Something like this would be a good idea.. IPTV ---Configurations ---M3U's
  9. Firefox Quantum

    New version of Firefox is released, and thought I'd let others know. You can download from their website here: Firefox With the new browser they claim it uses %30 less memory than Chrome. Also has an updated UI and faster page loading, and a new powerful engine built for performance.