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  1. hidemyass vpn x1

    Thanks, need one for debugging.

    Thanks for the share, need for debugging. Hope it still works.
  3. Fubo.tv Premium x2

    Thanks need for debugging.
  4. NBA

    US or International?
  5. Comeback Please !! We Miss You

  6. Hey Sol

    Did something happen to you?

    Anyway, I hope everything is well with you, please holla back


    1. fed87



  7. Bitcoin Cash To boom in 2018

    I actually would advise against any big investments right now, BTC is a volatile currency, and it's a disaster right now. You can't even make a payment right now without a $30 network fee, and on top of that, market is going crazy. If you're happy with losing money then be my guest, invest in BTC.
  8. value when withdrawing

    Yeah BTC is a volatile currency. It's up and down all the time. It's just like playing the stock market. You buy low, sell high. So yeah if it's worth 18K and drops to 9K your balance is going to take a huge hit.
  9. I'm pretty sure the Test School section is in the trash area. Don't think it exists. Most people are going to be to busy to actually teach you, your best bet is do what others have and be self taught. Read the tutorials, watch Youtube videos and follow along, start with easy sites, that don't require variables etc.
  10. [help] Url of Inthecrack.com

    I'm not 100% certain bud. I don't normally crack Porn related shit. I think most are User & Email right?
  11. [help] Url of Inthecrack.com

    Okay good deal, I seen you upvoted but didn't provide an account, just making sure you didn't forget. Just tag me when you have one available.
  12. [help] Url of Inthecrack.com

    @bernis Are you going to provide a working account for debugging?