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  1. Hope this still works. Thanks for the share.
  2. Downvoted because you uploaded on this shitty site. Going to take 20 minutes to download a 43mb file. SMH.
  3. Thanks for the share bud.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Wondering which version this is.
  5. Thanks my man, I love OB 1.0. The only issue is when I close the application and reopen, the capture on some websites disappears. Hope this fixes it.
  6. Solux


    Got banned from Nulled on my two year account for creating this config and sharing it, apparently one of the mods sites, wasn't happy and banned me. So sharing it everywhere. Run max bots and wreck his site. Captures Available servers.
  7. Just copy the LOLISCRIPT, create a new config and name it in OB, then switch to LOLISCRIPT view, paste code, save, run, reap the rewards.
  8. Thanks for the share. Need one for debugging.
  9. Solux

    Pornhub Accounts

    Hope one is premium. Need a working account for debugging. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Thanks for the share. Hope the tool still works.
  11. Thanks for the share man.
  12. Thanks looking for an active account for debugging. Hope it still works. EDIT: Dead. Getting this error: Sorry, your account is inactive and may not login.
  13. Thanks, never tried this. Use to using Fiddler and HTTP Debugger. Looking for something new.
  14. Great share. This will definitely come in handy. EDIT: Doesn't open for me on Windows 10. Tried running as Admin, and running with some compatibility options. Still no success. Still working?
  15. Thanks, need one for debugging.