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  1. @xcyclonix hi bro There is no virus in the program. Let me tell you, because the code is protected antivirus sites are warning. By the way it just doesn't give virus alert in our program. Please do not try to discredit the matter.
  2. CT Eagles MBY v2.2.0.1 Specifications: 1- ReCaptcha Bypass 2- Cloudflare Bypass 3- Cloudflare + ReCaptcha Bypass 4- Free OCR Recognition (Tesseract) 5- Http Https Sock4 Sock4a Sock5 Proxy Socket 6- Multi Force Main Threading + 4 Slot 7: WEBRequest + HTTPRequest 2 Module 8: SSL Authentication 9: Ftp + Form Request 10: Data Cryptography 11: Connection Type WEBRequest module is faster than any program you know CT Eagles MBY v2.2.0.1 System requirements: 1: NET Framework 4.6.1 2: C++ 2015 Redistributable 3: OS Windows 7 and Over Note: Older version configs may not work in newer versions. Note: Codes are protected. Some antivirus may be harmful. Virüs Total: Link: Rar Pass: FasterEagle Config Capsler
  3. thnk you share config bro